Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fiddle Faddle it is Sunday

Fiddle Faddle it is Sunday...we made it through and Zeke is getting stronger and more demanding for his food..So now we'll up the anti and give him 3/4's of a cup of kibble 4 times a day for two days...and my waitress uniform is beginning to get tattered looking..Soon Zeke you'll be back on your regular schedule...

I've got my pot of coffee going and boy do I need it..Watched the Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows (Part 1) Movie and I have to say..being I'm a Potter fan..this episode lost me a little..but hey, my gray matter ain't what it should be, can't wait to see what Part 2 will bring .

Soon hubby will be coming down the stairs to get his Cola and then do his Sunday school lesson...He loves teaching and this makes his day..and mine as well..He's off and I'm throwing dinner in the Crock pot for when he comes back from church...and in the mean time I do my usual...(Are ya ready for this)  Scan the NET..for great deals..and like always I do check out (Beth you reading) I use them a lot as I like the "free shipping"..and I do have my friends that sell their good on there too..So I multi task..I owe it..:)

Talked with Diane yesterday. The house is done and the carport looks great in fact she said.."If she stays, she'll do her carport like mine"..Now that's saying something cause Diane and I don't have the same kind of taste..So it's a one for the KIPPER...woo hoo !

This being the last day of the month..I know people usually say, "Where did it go".?...for me I know where every day went..and I hope never to repeat them again..! I have now till the 9th of August to see where Zeke is..I mean, will he still have his heart condition or will it have gone like the wind ? What ever, we will deal with it.

Oh the other morning I could not find Joe's meds.. Hubby had brought them home from Saul's office and I did take  one bottle out. Then some where I placed them. This morning I was in a panic mode..You got it.. All those meds where could they have gone ? Did I or hubby throw them out?..OMG!  

So I do my usual routine when I can't find anything.. I pray to Saint Anthony...Yes, you heard me..I pray to Saint Anthony..He's the patron Saint for the Lost.... Hubby looks and me and grins..of course you know he's Southern Baptist..(not that there's anything wrong with it ) and I am a Catholic... I know he's getting ready to do his spiel. Here it comes..."You and your Saints...I don't know what you'd do with out them...A Saint for this and a Saint for that"... HA!...

Like I keep telling him after all these years..."Listen Up...We Catholics have all these Saints working on our side...keeping us together cause the good Lord has a lot of work to do with you Baptists"...HA... "Besides the fact any time you lose something you call me and ask me to pray to my Saint to help you find it...and I do and YOU FIND IT ".... Moral to this saga... I finally found the meds after I prayed to Saint Anthony.... THANK.YOU !

Today is also the day I watch QVC..Ha !..Yes, I am a kitchen gadget guru..and I have to keep up with the latest..remember if it works..and makes my life easy has a place in my home...So on with the show :)

I hear thunder..nope it's hubby on his "dash" coming down the stairs..all us folks and critters sit back and watch..We have no choice cause other wise you get run over ...

Have a great day all...God Bless..

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