Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday is here again...and I'm forever thankful..My Zeke is moving another step up..this morning he gets 1/3 cup of kibble 4 times a day mixed in with this Chicken,Rice and he'll total out with 1 1/3 cup of kibble..that will be given for two days and then up we go again..

So but steady increasing his food till he gets to his normal schedule.. This is the nervous part as taking it slow so that his insides heal.. Works for me and him and that's all that matters.. although the boy is "HUNGRY" and I have to keep a watch.

All the other critters have to get something when I feed Zeke or it's curtains.. HA  I mean they get that look of .."you is leaving me out" a little biscuit for them and life gets happy..that's the simple part.

Momma feels like I'm the waitress and the only tip I get is "Clean Up"..yeah the pooper scooper does her thang..I'm smiling cause as long as it's normal I don't care..and I'll whistle a happy tune too...well after I'm done cleaning up..thank you !

Weather is gonna be a hot one again so it's stay indoors and yes..cook up more rice and veggies..gawd I've cooked and cooked..well I have to say my Rice Cooker is worth the price..cause she is doing a great job..I told you all I can't cook rice it comes out gummy...and I don't think Zeke would even want to partake in any of that stuff..

Watched America's Got Talent and I dunno..only a couple acts I really liked..we'll see how this show pans out..but boy they picked some strange acts to go on...and the rest is history as they say...

The morning looks a little is it gonna rain again sometime today....hey, we could use it but wait till afternoon..cause I need to hang out some of the throw rugs..they need a good washing and drying other than my dryer..

Not too much planned as I have to throw a meatloaf together in the Crock Pot..don't want that oven on or should I say.."As little as possible" and my trustworthy Crock Pot does a great job..She needs to come out of the box..

Got some new recipes in the email this week and I need to try and attempt to make a few...all with a marinade and that's fine with me..Get that grill going too..yeah, hubby likes to cook on the grill..."Go man, Go ".. 

Should be hearing from the GYN today.. so I know when I'm going in for that "D & E"..just wanna get that one over too..although that's just a quick in and out routine..Up in the morning and out by afternoon..and when I think how that use to be years ago..Gawd you stayed in a day or two..and that wonderful "Hospital Food"..thank goodness things are a changing...Now if they could only better the "Airline Food".. that would be awesome !

Oh, chatted with my "favorite" neighbor from Florida..Betsy...and like always's  a wonderful conversation with our "Giggles" included..she let me know how my house is looking.."Gray"..hahaha..well it is painted Gray and White Trim"...but she and Dick gave me their approval...Ah, life is looking better !

Betsy, soon we'll (Critters and Me) will be back and looking forward to getting together with both you and Dick..So we can do a lot of catching up...and giggling...feels good and is good for the soul ..

Alrighty, mighty..gots to get my butt in gear.. I see Critters pacing and I know Zeke is ready for a meal soon..but he has to wait till 7:30am..but I can get my coffee cause I smell that aroma...mmmmm

God Bless All...

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