Monday, July 11, 2011

Here it is Monday

Here it is Monday and I've been going at it since 5:30am..See not too much has changed cepting sleeping arrangements..I mean the Critters are looking for their favorite spot..OUCH...not on me if you don't mind !

I've already got a pot of coffee made and half way completed as I need the caffeine could I even get through most of the morning without it.. My pot of Chicken Goop for the Critters is on and cooking..smelling mighty fine if I don't say so is fit for human consumption..just in case I get a little lazy.. just add a little more water and crackers and hey ya got yourself a meal :)

Will do a catch up on laundry and maybe..just maybe a little vacuuming..perhaps a strong wind might come up and then I'll just open the back door...and shout..."You is free as a bird so fly away fly away dust ..if you don't mind "...I'm smiling cause the only strong wind to take this amount of dust away would be one I'd be duckin' from...HA !

Got my trusty ole computer all upgraded and even my email system done too..cepting incredimail has some newfangled   stuff I have to learn... when I have the time cause right now it's  "Catch me if ya can"...or maybe "Hide and seek help "...or all of the above...what ever it takes to get me through this house work ....maybe even sand blasting...Whoopie..that would work :)

Haven't planned what's for dinner..but take out sounds "Marvelous" dishes and lean back and enjoy..Now that's a treat..cause ya know I worked hard (oh really ?) well hard thinking about what's next in my list of things I should do...and might get too  ! 

Does it sound wrong to want a vacation from a vacation ?  Hey that's a lot of stress and we all know what stress can do to us...Speaking of which my Cardio doc called this morning to let me know I now have an 8:15am appointment tomorrow...Hummm...somebody done changed it already..but that's ok cause I'll be in and out and onto the next doc across the hall...and all before breakfast..mmmm maybe I'll treat myself to something really sinful after my health check up.. HA !

I hear a bell timer is working and now it's  "Back to Work "...shucks a woman's work is never done.... Catch you all later if I can.....

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