Sunday, July 10, 2011

Made it HOME on Sunday ;)

Made it home on Sunday...:)   Thank was a long, long drive and I made it over them "Blinkin" bridges and Nose Bleed RAMPS...but then I had to go across the Key Bridge in Maryland..OMG..they made it even longer and with a few new twists...HEAVEN HELP ME>..I did it !!!

Hubby stayed pretty much quiet but I still had the..."Watch here comes a sign "  or it was..."Here's your turn"... Like I haven't driven this road for years...but WOW...He has definitely become "The Old Man of the SHIP"...YIKES...what a long, long trip..but I did say that didn't I..?????

Hubby was good most of the time..I mean I would have been totally exhausted with out him and he did all the  go for this ...go for know the "GoFER  jobs...:)  I do love that man of mine...but OUCH>.. and he probably says the same ...behind my back..hahahaha...

The weather was beautiful and the traffic in the Washington DC area wasn't to too kept moving and the construction continues with more and more NOSE BLEED ramps...Gawd come this winter I'd hate to be on them...and why ??? why????  don't they have guard rails.. I mean I know they don't mean ...ok, I'll go for the "False Sense of Security"  but it sure helps me when driving up in the SKY...didn't know I had to have a pilot's license...non the less my drivers one I'll be packing a parachute ....!

We didn't stop for lunch but hubby got me a Denny's coffee as I had to have my cuppa make the drive..but one thing I did get when we got home ....and for dinner that was...a "Lee's Hoagie..Kosher Style..made my trip worth while.. I mean I haven't had one in over 6months..Hubby and I split a Half..and gawd was it GOOD..

Unloaded the rig all but for the bags of Dawg Food..that will be tomorrow and I'll also have to make a batch of  food up for Reba and Joe and a batch of Rice and Veggies for Zeke and Abby...So it will be a busy morning for me...Oh boy...and I thought I was gonna get to sleep in...HELLO

When we got home the Critters were all worked up ..they ran around the house and I left the back slider open..the New AC works great..froze me to death almost...I had to have my "blankie"  cause I was one cold chick...and so was Ms Reba who was right next to me and under my "blankie".  Zeke and Abby made their wild dash through the house and then Ms Abby found her spot on the big couch..after hubby put the quilt down...we all did take a quick nap...and then it was on the go and get as much out of the rig as we could.

The neighborhood looks strange to me..and that kind of surprises me..but I now miss my abode in Florida with all the neat critters and neat plants that were beginning to take hold.. I'm gonna have to call Clancey and see how things are going... I heard from John as he had to tell me what was happening with our follow up of that dastardly trial... How could I not see that one coming..but have to tell ya .. I was emotionally caught up in it and couldn't see the forrest through the trees...Shame on me...!  wait... Shame on US !  

Now I'm just updating my computer and home and nothing is going right...SUCKS !  I'll continue till I get tired of this mess and plan to continue tomorrow unless I whack it with a hammer and go out and just buy another laptop instead of a desk top...

I'm gonna fix me a glass of ice tea and call it a night.. read some email and then maybe watch a little TV   ...remember hubby bought a new one Christmas time.. and this baby is big and my eyes are trying to adjust to it... good picture but WOW... need to sit back ...maybe from the next house HA !   Ok, my brain is ready to shut off like this computer...but I'm home.. Home Sweet Home..or is it Home Crap Home..what ever ....

Is it Oct yet..wait I need a few more days as I just had a flash back from all the driving...maybe I'll do that again next week...give me time it will roll off my brain...I miss my chair ....!!!

Good Night all and Thank you to those that kept me in their prayers as I drove the crazy highway...
God Bless !

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