Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tossing through Tuesday

Tossing through Tuesday...was some good and then there was the trial verdict..Ouch!!!   I don't even know how to say how I feel...Lots of mixed emotions and the sad part of all..No ending for this little child, Caylee...very sad but then life goes on...and so do I and every one else that was so caught up with emotions for a child we didn't even know..Just the concept alone did us all in....Now I'll move on too :(

My day other than that was good..Hubby got a lot done in the rig as we loaded in the freezer and all it's contents..got the rugs done and clothes done and moving on to emptying the frig...we're moving along smoothly with no rushing..thank goodness.

Tomorrow we'll get all the other packed goods in and then it's go through the house and make sure our check lists (and we seem to have many) gone through ..lastly we'll vacuum through and collapse..maybe ????

I'll also get with my neighbor, Betsy..get a chance to visit a bit and have her sign her book... Summer is her name...I'm telling ya it's a delightful book to read...All of you will enjoy it..and I'm waiting for Betsy's next book...

Clancy called today and surprised me with the stone border..I'll have to take pictures tomorrow ..my little garden is starting to come together...I'm gonna miss a lot of the little things here..but I'll be back...!!!

Psst..that's what Arnold always said in the "terminator"...HA!  but I will be back in Oct . Lord willin' and I really can't wait cause my house and driveway will be done...Gots to take pictures for Befores and Afters..

Ok, I'm beat and I've got to get a lot done tomorrow..so it's toodles till then

God Bless !

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