Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tick Tock Wake Up...It's Tuesday

Tick Tock Wake Up ..It's Tuesday.. Weather wise it's lookin like another warm day and getting ready for another .."make appointments" to get more tests done..

Yes, my meeting with my GYN was some what over and it's another race is on to find out "What's happening with me"...See it is just another phase of "Life's Circle".. I have to look at it this way..At least it's not an emergency..I have a little breathing room ..just need to "fix" what's happening to me "AGAIN"...

The Doc was his usual smiling and making jokes but I could see the look of.."Oh no, not with her again".. Yeah he remembers our last encounter alrighty..Things did not go as planned..but I always try to tell them..."I'm like Pandora's box..when you open me I'm just filled with surprises.. "  Hey at least I have a sense of humor cause I do understand how things go with me..

Both the Doc and I just looked at each other shrugged our shoulders..smiled and said.."We can do this".. sure doc we can..I mean I'll go to sleep and you have to do the work...or call for "HELP"  at least he is not an egotist and try to do something if he can't..

Ok, I'll get to the nitty gritty...I have to start off with making an appointment to have an Ultra Sound..then from there I have to have a D & E..( my version is dusting and eliminating)..and hopefully nothing more has to be done...My last pap was Negative and the only thing left inside ( I know that sounds awful) is the cervix stump..Gawd that's really different..but I'm going by what's on the paper..hahahaha...Who the hell knows for sure ..right I mean we can only go by what we're told...Strange as it sounds.

Ah here comes the sun..I always love that feeling as it peeks in my window ..Today I'm gonna buy some hanging plants.. I done made up my mind .. I need color outside..oh and I looked out back and my rose bushes are looking really great.. they go through some horrible winters and then hubby does his usual ..Mow down in the fall.. Can you imagine.. he takes the mower and cuts them poor roses to the nubs...but I have to say... "They look amazing and really put some roses out.. it's like a water fall of roses.. I must take pictures when they bloom....Thinking..did I bring the camera with me..Yeah, I did...

Now after hubby goes to work I get critters fed and myself put together..(several cups of coffee) I'll make my appointments for the Ultra Sound then Lab work ..then call the RV dealer to get the rig in on Saturday...get the results from my other Lab work and drop off the scripts at CVS...stop in and buy those hanging plants for my front porch ..sit back and pinch myself cause I'm not dreaming...

Had to cancel my reunion with my family ..that made me sad..but no way can I attend it in 3 weeks.. My first cousin did surprise me by letting me know I'm gonna get the Mandolin my Grandmother use to play.. That I'm so thrilled about... it was part of the house in Brooklyn..which they put on the market.. Since my Uncle passed away.. They did a fabulous job of restoring it..and now as quick as it was put on the market it got sold...Now that's Amazing !  

A lot of my history was in that house.. We had moved into the Brooklyn house in 1954.. I remember that like it was yesterday.. That's what surprises me.. I mean I was a youngster and my Grandmother said that morning.."We will not be coming back to this house on 16th street..make sure you and your brother take the trolley on Coney Island Ave to the Beverly Ave stop .. "  You know as I write this I can almost hear her voice...I got chills.. 

So that morning as my brother and I walked to school..which by the way was one block away.. we were so excited as we were going to say good bye to all our friends in class.. Teacher let us out at noon time cause it was right at our Thanksgiving Holiday break.. Off my brother and I went...excited and anxious..

My brother Billy was 2 years older than me and I always looked up to him..He was adventurous and crazy... He would do almost anything without hesitation..in other words..Wild and Crazy and BRAVE...No Brainers ..No Fears and I was just as willing..cause he was my "Brother"...Ha !

That day.. that special day my brother convinced me into walking instead of taking the "Trolley".. He said, "it's only a little ways away".. Now folks I never said my brother was "Smart".. I mean brave yes, but smart..NO WAY... I was the brighter one..but not on this day.. I was the "fool".. I was excited never the less and what he said.. I went right along with..cause he also said, "We can save the 25 cents and get something good".. now that registered big time cause back then 25 cents was a lot of money. !

The bell rings and brother and I leave the school and start a walking.. It starts to snow lightly...and then pick up as we walk and walk and walk.. It seemed like miles and it probably was a few...it took us forever and by the time we got to the house I was frozen and looked like "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" . We got up to the porch (at that time it was an open porch ) and knocked on the door .. Grandma opened it and I still can hear her shriek ..till this day..Next thing I remember was being grabbed and Jerked into the house .. hands all over me jerking my hat and coat off ..lots of people in the house.. and our dog Snowball was barking too... Gawd I was frozen..my hands and feet were stinging...and I could hear my brother getting his..."What Fors".. it wasn't a pretty site.. like I said.."One I never forgot even till this day"....Grandma did say..."How could you be so dumb and Why did you listen to your brother " ?  Yep and much much more.. thank gawd we didn't get our butts beat..although I don't think I would have felt much ... I mean I was so numb from the cold but later as we and I say we..cause what I felt I know he had too also.. It stung...big time...

I'm smiling cause my memories are coming back on a lot of the "wild and crazy" things my brother and I did.. I also remembered why he was called "Billy"  it came from the western.."Billy the kid".. Ha !  He was the coolest cowboy my brother loved.. Ha.. Brother you still are a winner..even to this day... 

My goodness I need to get my butt in gear.. my critters are giving me the eye.. Breakfast time for them and more coffee for me..and hubby is ready for his..run through the house ..a real "Bumpstead" routine...

Have a great day and may God give us his blessings

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  1. Love reading your childhood memories, Zee. Brings a smile or a laugh. Hope your tests are all ok.