Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sliding into Tuesday

Sliding into Tuesday... Oh yeah !  Zeke is coming along and Momma is dragging her butt ...His yesterday was not bad.. I slowly added 1/4 cup of kibble to his meals..which means he actually got 1 cup of kibble for the whole day..but like I was telling someone.. Rice and Chicken and Veggies is good but think about that Chinese dinner ..I mean you were stuffed when you ate it and it was GOOD..but a half hour or maybe I'll say 1 hour (not me though) you are hungry again.. Well poor Zeke, checks to see what the others are having..looks at his dish and I know the thought wave.."What? is that all there is "...?????

He gobbled it up. I mean he really was hungry.. I try to slow him down..but it's not gonna happen so the small increments help.I made sure he rested and we even took a nap together...now that was what we all needed...and then it was "Where's my dinner".. I'm telling ya 4 times a day seems like I just pick the dish up and I'm putting it down again.. but that's ok.. I just want him to get better..

I checked out all the data on HGE and Arrhythmia..of course you know when you get done reading it.. you want to go hide some where and then the mind starts playing those tricks.."hmm, I notice this and oh I remember that"..which by the way is nonsense..but you try to justify the means.. 

Only thing I can think of is that Zeke has always been an Up type dawg and he doesn't miss a trick and does get emotional.. I also read that no one is quite sure what causes HGE..and as far as the Arrhythmia, that could have come as a results in Zeke losing his electrolytes and shock to the system shutting down..

So, I'll rub my crystal ball and pray to the good Lord and what ever comes about we will just deal with it on a day to day basis..but Zeke is slowly coming back to himself..and that's the main thing..and I'm taking a few breathers in between ..not leaving the house this week..Thank goodness hubby will stop on his way home to pick up what we'll have for dinner..So we eat late..won't be the first time..but I don't want any thing with RICE... I've cooked up so much Rice and Veggies and Chicken..EEEEEEEK !!!!

We had another rain last night and that we so badly needed and I'm hoping we'll cool down a bit.. cause all of us are just about moving..Maybe we need to just lean back and listen to some calming music.. and tonight will be America's Got Talent..Gawd I sure hope there is better acts on.. cause I didn't vote on line didn't even know which one I really liked..other than those kids.. the Silhouettes they were really neat..

Morning breakfast went well and Zeke was tapping his spot for me to place his dish in.. that was something cute Abby started and Zeke copied...So I'm told where to put it..Ok, sounds a familiar tune..When Zeke brought me everyone's dish he sat looking at me..yes, waiting for his biscuit..Sorry Charlie..not this time maybe by next week we'll give it a go.

The day looks great and I've got a mess of stuff to get done..Zeke is down for a nap and then before I know it ...it will be lunch time..cause he'll let me know.. Ms Reba was giving me her "What Fors"..she wanted my toast..Hey buttered toast is her thing..she enjoys the crust ..and yep Joe comes with it too.. he's chimed in.. not by barking but by the "Sit and Stare" routine...

I'm marking my calendar as we progress another day under the belt and Zeke is starting to get that sparkle in his eyes..and even give the grumble when Hubby goes up stairs..HA !  Guess Zeke is waiting for the "Charge of the Light Brigade"..you know the "Bumpstead"  dash out the house...We're ready :)

It's on for tonight..TV will be fired up and we'll all sit around watching the "talent show" and make our comments..Even the critters will chime in as that's their biscuit and apple time..Lord help us..better make sure them apples are crisp..hahaha... Hey, I've got a spoiled bunch..but you know it's worth it..They give such pleasure and pretty soon things will be back to some kind of normal if there ever is such a thing for me !

Ah the nurse from the hospital just called checking on Zeke and making sure I have all the info for our appointment on the 9th of August.. She said, "make sure I give Zeke his meds even though they want him to fast..give him just a cup of the rice and chicken with his pills".. I told her.."Carolyn, you're gonna have to take the brunt of it when the Doc hollers " we both laughed.. but the reason he has to have some food is because the meds can be toxic without food and we don't want that to happen... Sounds good to me and Zeke will appreciate it too.
Now it's on with the rest of the day...and the sun is shinning brightly.. where's my sun glasses..WOW... I need to start a little moving and then gather up the dawg beds and throw then in the washer...Then it will be break time..yes, it's a hard life..HA !

Have a great day everyone and may your Adventures be great ones...
God Bless !


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