Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Uh oh what a wake up.. for a Wednesday

Uh oh what a wake up ..for a Wednesday... Seems like I'm gonna have to take Zeke to the Vets..his stomach is still out of whack and it just keeps coming back..I'll call as soon as Saul's office opens up..Nothing I seem to be giving Zeke is helping.. I mean it does for the day but then it comes back again...No use having these wake ups..I mean it isn't great for him or ME...

So we all have been up since 3am ..and most likely this day will drag...I sure hope the heat gives us a break.. It rained for a bit last night and I was hoping..come on cool front...uh oh.. just heard the weather..Don't even want to think about it...

I made my appointment for the Ultra Sound..that will be Friday morning..thank goodness get that deal over with..and re coop for the weekend and await the call...perhaps no news would be most welcomed...but ya know sometimes that drives you bonkers..ok, so just tell me then .

Chatted with my 1st cousin about the reunion and we've decided that they all will come to visit me when in Florida..which will be great.. as they all have homes (winter homes) around me..about a few hours away... I'll arrange to have a friend of mine cater it too.. Bonnie is a fantastic cook and I won't mind giving her the job...Then I can just enjoy the family and cooking..gawd that's sounding better and better..and clean up.. what's that.. my version will be.."Where's the trash bag"  HA !...hey it's about time cause I've always had to do it all..

Heard from Diane..the crew is over starting to paint my house..first they had to power wash with a special chemical so that when they paint ..the paint will stick to the siding.. I'm getting more and more excited..cause it's gonna look so much better..My siding was fading in this grey and white will give her a brand new look..Like buying a dress...:)

Diane told me she took some of my plants home to her house...I have to tell ya Diane as good as she hard on plants..HA.. I mean she gives it her best..but for some reason she will tell you herself they just fall short and kick the pot..hahaha... God Bless her.. :)

My reply to Di.. was..."Please don't kill my plants "  we both laughed..and she said.."It's not me, it's Florida"..hahaha.. a tropical place and we can't grow a lot of things...DUH !!!  My roses however .. the knock out roses are doing good..that has to be because of their names  hahahahaha...

Well, I need to get a cup of coffee as my brain feels a little foggy and Zeke is now resting again.. I feel so bad for him...he's really had a bad bout of the two step as we call it... first I thought the water change but he should be over it by now...gots to take care of my Critters...everyone else is doing good..

Ok, catch up with you all later down the path..Have a great day...

God Bless

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