Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holy Crappola it's Thursday

Holy Crappola it's Thursday...woke up with both Reba and Zeke being under the weather..and that's saying it mildly..Strong odor took over my stomach and I ran for the "HILLS"...OMG!   Nothing like being on a "Charge of the light brigade.."   cause that's just how it felt.. I have to wake up hubby to help me..and that wasn't a pretty sight.. Didn't realize the man could speak in a strange language..However, we all were on the "go"...and that is really putting it mildly..

So my wonderful start was not "GREAT" at all.. in fact I wished I could go back in time to a better wake up call..Now for me..well I have to get a blood test done sometime today... One for my thyroid so the Doc can adjust my meds. Hubby will be home early this afternoon and he'll take me over ...

It's a cool morning...Thank God !   I don't think I could have taken a warm weather wake up.. I might have passed out just from sight alone..well I almost went into shock at that thought of what I and hubby had to do.. Poor Reba and Zeke...having both of them down and not feeling well is not a good thing.. Sure hope the other two..Joe and Abby don't follow in their..hmm what can I say... "tracks".. Oh perish that thought ..completely .

I had planned to get more work finished...don't think so today...I have the back slider open so the Critters can have a quick's one of those "needing " days.  Who knows I might join them by the way I'm feeling now... YIKES !!!

Have to make sure I call the RV dealer today to set up me bringing in the rig plus also make call for tires to be put on too... Lordy, this is gonna be a whacked out day...and if this isn't bad I have to tell you about my episode yesterday when I placed an order on line for the "Magnetic Screens"...

Ok, here is my story and I'm stickin' to it !.... I keep seeing those infomercials on "Magnetic Screens"  and each time I see them I keep saying..."I think those look great and I think "we" need them "... after a long, long thought about how many times I get up and down in the house to let Critters out.. I finally make the decision to order them...Not thinking I really get exercise..and I guess I want to use the easy way out..(human nature) So I make the plunge go on line and place my order..Even watch the video .. "Oh, how cool and boy even the dog looks happy"...HA!.... Best made plans...!!!  

So I goes up on the trusty worthy Internet and do a "Google Search"  for Magnetic Screens and find them watch the infomercial on line and proceed to place my order with my trusty Amex Card in hand...and the end of the order when it's complete .. it gives me a grand total of almost 100 bucks...#@*#@   "WHAT" ??????

I try to cancel it and it already closes out..."Oh NO YOU DON'T. "   I go looking for the phone number and customer service..Now this drives me bonkers..searching all over and finally coming up with it.. I call the #866 number and get some young man and he tells me,  "he can't do anything until 4 to 5 hours when it comes up in their system..."  HUH ??????.... Not liking that answer I hang up and call Amex to make a stop on this transaction...they tell me "It hasn't hit the system yet, which is strange"... I'm then instructed to attempt a call back to the company  in 5 hours....So I did !

The feeling of being "DOOPED"  is unkind...and I begin to want to "HATE" what I just did... I had such high hopes...but I'll try to calm myself down and wait it out...Well....those 5 hours were the longest and I kept thinking OMG...I've been DOOPED>.(yes a word meaning suckered in )....Finally the 5  hours are up and I call ...I can feel the sweat beads forming... I'm talking very calmly but you could hear the wobble in my throat...and trying to keep calm and not freak out...I'm pacing and the young man is being quiet.. He finally says..."I'll cancel that order and get it right for you "...   I then hear myself sighing and saying.." this really a buisness and is this really  just 19.95 plus shipping... "  ?   He says, "yes, but you also have to pay the other shipping charge for the other one, but that's free.."  HUH ?...'Ok let's go over this one more time.. I get 1 plus 1 free for the shipping and handling charge'..?????? as I'm rehashing this whole scenario...

This young man now is trying to explain this "Deal of a lifetime"... "You get  1...for 19.95 plus 7.95 S&H and then the other 1 "Free"  but you have to pay another 7.95 for S & H also ".... I then say,... "I only want  1 "...he replies..."You can't just get 1, you have to take it this way that is the "deal"... and they are really nice and work..."  he takes a breather and then says..."We also have an upgrade for an extra 10 bucks too".. Now I ask you..."isn't this a deal of a life time"... ?????   Long story short I only got the first deal and it only cost me... HA....36 buckaroos....Wasn't I lucky... ???????  You ask.."What happened to the 19.95 "   That really doesn't exist... HA... well we'll see... if it ain't what it's cut out to be... it's going back and I ain't paying the returns either....

Why did I even bother...?????  I ask myself that too.. it's part of my addiction to making life easy... For Who? Cause after all this I was wiped out and said..."No MORE"   don't even look at any infomercials...or go to a "Psychiatrist".... I should write a book on "Why I do the things I do"... must be something that happened in my childhood...Hey, they can blame anything on childhood so why not jump on the band wagon...:)

Next thing I need to do is "Laundry"  don't even ask why ...I've got a lot to do and I also need my fix of caffeine...come on Friday...this has got to be the strangest dream...I sure hope all your day is a lot better than mine ....Catch you later on..if I have the energy or tune in tomorrow for the outcome..LOL

God Bless Us All......

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