Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Thursday Night !

It's Thursday Night !  Tomorrow hubby will be arriving..we'll take a day for him to rest and then "the journey will begin".  Well actually we are looking at maybe leaving next Thursday morning.. It will be a trash day (and we'll have lots) and want to make sure everything is put out that needs emptying.

I've got lots of "stuff" I accumulated (shame on me) and I need to get rid of it..Some will be going to Habitat ( someone could use this stuff) and the rest will meet it's maker.. Simple as that and of course I've got lots and lots of boxes...Still don't know why I'm saving these things ?????

Tonight I have by myself and then it will be a two some..YEAH.. Hubby and I will do a lot of catching up and I'm sure even though we talk everyday we'll do a little bickering..more like a nervous thing ...or maybe not HA !

Today was a rush to Winn Dixie for some fiddles as I've been trying to get the frig empty and that's almost impossible some times.. things seem to just Magic...WOW...where did that come from?????  I have the most magical refrigerator..might even write a book about my frig.. trust me it would be a "classic".

John called me this morning . He and I have been watching the trial and giving our own opinions and then we have this pact call each other to make sure we both are still kickin' ..Well it was his idea cause he says,"He needs someone he can trust" of course I want you all to understand this is the John from the dynamic duo known as "Punch and Judy" in my book..they are the only couple that have fights about nothing...but I do have a few laughs with them separately only......So I agreed to make sure John is still alive and kickin' if he does the same for me...but it won't count when I'm back in PA...he's on his own !!!!  HA !

Any way John called me this morning to let me know he was cookin' in his Rice Cooker ..(the one he claims I made him buy) and after the rice was done  he claims "it's just as good as what he makes"...Now my input to him was simple..."If you can make rice that good then why did you buy it "?   Get ready for the reply...uh hum... "Because YOU (meaning me) intimidated me into buying in"..  HELLO FAIRY TALE...or better yet..."LIAR. LIAR YOUR PANTS ON FIRE"....or here's my other one..."You must be suffering from PINOCCHIO syndrome.... (if you don't understand it..just think of the puppet who when telling lies his nose grew and grew....) 

Some days you just have to go with how the wind blows and it was one of those kind of days...Now I'm getting ready for another storm..this time it's my Hubby as he rushes into the house and the Crew go ballistic .  I won't be able to hear for awhile and then it will calm down and I can hear him now...Where's my Cola  ?????  I best put them in the frig before going to bed..

Speaking of which I need to cause it will be a busy day....Sooooooooo

Night All ....God Bless

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  1. Zeee when we moved out of our sticks & bricks we had boxes of empty boxes and at one point just looked at each other and laughed - what were we thinking - why did we need to hang onto so many empty boxes.

    Hope you are having a great day today being reunited with your hubby. By the way, how is your foot doing?