Monday, August 1, 2011

Here it comes again...Monday

Here it comes again...Monday.  Fast and furious too.. I mean it's up in and the morning and get the chores done.  Wish I could wave my magic wand ( if I had one) and Zap..everything would be done...Lordy I must have watched too many fantasy movies..HA !

I've got my pot of coffee going and my critters have went out for a quickie before I fix their breakfast and Zeke gets his meds..on the count down being this is now the 1st of August .

The day plans are just to attempt to get caught up...(does that ever really happen?)  dunno..but not as long as I've been kicking around..Seems there's always something else going on to make you detour.

I'm still trying to get the hang of Facebook..Every time I log in and see who's  done wrote on the page I'm not sure if when I answer that it's on their wall or across there desk ...LOL  yeah it's somewhat confusing.. the likes and unlikes..and all the pictures of stuff they farm or need...Who's farm and where do you need it ?????   It's interesting..but what is it ?????

Today Diane and Bob begin painting my two bedrooms..Bob will put up molding too.. that always gives the room a finished look..and then next project will be the two bathrooms ...that's on the next go home trip LOL...Thank goodness they love this work. 

The little house in Florida is slowly coming together and getting more like home than home is right now...I still have to paint my porch here..GAWD I don't even want to go there yet...Maybe I might hire someone...and the more I look at it, the more I think I'm right...Although if it was just a little cooler I wouldn't mind.. I enjoyed doing it the last time..hmmm that was a few years ago..Ha !...My how time flies when you're not doing anything ...:)

Guess it's now on with the "Show"...or maybe get my butt in gear..that sounds more like it...and of course that aroma from the kitchen sure helps call my name...Coffee is ready ....!!!

May your day be a great one... God Bless..

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