Thursday, April 30, 2015

We're Humming Right Along On Thursday

We're humming right along on Thursday...and my humming bird feeder is busy too...I'm enjoying those darling creatures..they just so unique.. I mean flight in action forward, backward and yes! even sideways..and Zoooooom they're gone..hahaha.. and I even when they come up to me and buzz me..that's wild..

Morning was ok, and I grabbed all the trash and out to the curb.. but next trash day will be clean the frig.. I so like the two times a week.. really helps me and also I get to be motivated in getting rid of "Stuff" which by the way can build up fast..

My plants are doing good.. and I'm now feeding the plants once a week with Miracle Grow.. it sure does show as the plants are blooming nicely.. next I've got to try the dawn treatment to rid of bugs.. hear tell to mix some liquid dawn (regular kind) in a bottle and add water and spray the plants.. it rids of pests and doesn't hurt the plants or the for me !

My darling Brats are starting to slow down a bit..but Miss Annie is sure a tuffy.. I mean that gal can charge and chew and be just nasty at the drop of a hat.. I'm not liking I'm working on trying to correct her.. Rudy is gentle and only when she really ticks him off does he come back at her..

My day was kind of dull.. did make Chicken Parm for dinner and I also did get a nap in.. that really helps me.. as I'm up so early and have that interruption for Annie coming in bed at  night.. so that little bit of nap sure feels good..and it's right after lunch and even Ms Shug enjoys it..cause she's been lately and Early Bird too .

Now I'm ready for bed and I'm noticing when it comes to 9pm I'm ready and I start working my way back too.. let the brats out make up their night snack.. Miss Annie I've been giving her a little bit of rice and pumpkin with her cookie broke up .. that's been helping her with her tummy she's not having those loose stools..

Rudy is starting to improve too.. with his eating..he's liking his food and now starting to fill out more..he's growing into a nice boy.. I'm really pleased with him.. and soon I'll go and meet up with another handler about taking Rudy out..we shall see..

So I'm ready for bed..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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