Saturday, April 11, 2015

And Saturday Slid On In To Home Base

And Saturday slid on in to home base....I woke up wee early and like it was just out of my my eyes opened up and next thing I knew I was in the upright position and heading down the hallway to the kitchen and the brats were racing past me...

I try not to be in their way as they will take me down as they bounce off the walls grabbing at each me it's a sight to be NEVER SEEN if you can help it .

I've learned to not let that upset me as with these two, there is no resolution other than beaming them up Scotty !!! we have this loud sound as we all plunge through..hahahaha..

I grab a half gallon of water and their water bowls and head into the dog room and place them in the holders and fill those babies up...and Annie and Rudy have now begun to leap from couch to couch..which is like across the room..HELLO THERE !!

And as I then proceed to head on to the kitchen door and flip on the light for the carport those two daring young BRATS come charging through the open door ..oh yeah this is definitely a fun time...hahaha...we then proceed to head to the back and I hit the switch to turn on the outside patio light and surprisingly they are standing in line for me to open that screen door...then let it rip.......if anything is out there it wouldn't the force is with them...Gawd Help Them !!!

So that's my start and then once they are finished with their business they come in and charge to the water dishes..hahaha... I then open Ms Shug's Curtain as she is down the bottom politely saying, "hello"..hahaha..ever so softly ..unless I don't pay attention then it gets louder..

This is like every morning the routine..and I haven't even started with unloading the dishwasher...doing the setups for the morning feed hahaha.. trust me one day I'll do a blow by blow it takes'll then understand when I get my quiet time how wonderful it feels...

Today it looked like rain off and on..but later in the day I did hear thunder..but no rain here...that happens often in my location..but I did watch the hummers coming in the evening for their bed time nectar...that's neat to watch and also the cardinals come towards dusk too..

I did have a headache hit me later in the day and I just laid back down when I fed the brats their dinner...took some Tylenol and  a couple hours later it was gone..don't get headaches that often but when I do.. OUCH!

My day was sort of humdrum and tomorrow it will be busy as I have to pick up chicken for Rudy and more pumpkin for Annie...that sure has helped with her tummy problems..the fiber does the trick :)

Well I'm dragging and so it's lights out for me..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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