Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's The Middle Of The Week, So It's Wednesday :)

It's the middle of the week , so it's Wednesday :)...and I have a plan to get out and go "Shopping"..hahaha.. my big outing..but I am in need of a few things and also Rudy's's that time again..

Got up and staggered down the hallway...but at least no major storms going on and the darling Brats will go out without the..."I don't want my feet wet " look and then I can come back in get my setups ready for my 7:30am feeding..and then me and Ms Shug can sit back and enjoy our breakfast together..that is the latest scoop in my home..Shug and I eat breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner together..hahaha..well she don't like to eat alone and I can't blame her.. I don't either..

I also did a first today.. I did fried Chicken (air fried) on my NuWave..and it came out delicious and shocked me..cause I thought ok.. it might be close but not like fried..well wrong!!!  it was crispy and crunchy without the grease.. I could like this :)

I'm still learning with that NuWave..most the time I'm just kind of lazy and want to do simple things..but I need to learn more.. there is so much more to explore..

I also like to cook several portions so I can just reheat and I do my Sausage and Peppers, Chicken Parm and of course the big Momma of all..Lasagna..that I've got to make one day next week.. It makes life easy for me to just portion it out and grab and reheat..just like I do the brats and Shug's food...uh oh here comes that OCD....My frig has setups and I'm telling ya it takes a bit to get them done but when you just reach in and grab it's so easy and you can just relax without stressing .

Didn't really watch much as I was busy I'll watch tomorrow as I cook up the chicken parm and put that up in dishes too.. already made the gravy when hubby was here..

So now I'm ready to call it a day and just get a good night's sleep..sure feels good on these ole week I have a Vet appointment with Annie and Rudy and then next day Doc appointment for me..will find results of my blood work too..

Alrighty.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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