Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Show It's Face

Tuesday showed it's face and it wasn't to bad.. I mean, it was a muggy kind of day and ended with a BOOM in the Sky and Flashing lights ..the kind I just don't like ..even cause me to miss the first 15 minutes of the Voice..so I was almost in withdrawls ..had to call Robert and Ask ??????  What Happened to Sawyer ..as when the show came back on ..No SAWYER...and I thought for sure he'd be in the bottom 3 after last night's performance...I mean as much as I really like the kid..he wasn't good !

Well now lets see...back to the morning blurr..hahaha..and it always is.. I mean there is no rest for the weary here..and losing one's mind is not difficult to do.. I sometimes want to just jump up and scream..but who'd give a chit ?????  I mean my brats pay no attention till I jump up and have that look of "Kill" in my eyes and if I grab the broom..now that will catch their attention..sad..but facts...

I had some errands to run and honestly I didn't feel like even going outside..the heat just whacks me...and I'm like gasping for breath..not great with heart patients..and I have to make sure I have my AC on so when I hit remote I can let it run full blast for 15 min to cool the car down..and I always forget..but I better start having one of those stick em's in the car saying, "Keep the friggin air on high"  hahaha

Didn't feel like cooking anything as I cooked myself silly..but I had a hankering for them Frosty's from Wendy's..all right I'll go get two for dinner and later on.. I'll stick that baby in the freezer..well for me best laid plans always seems to hit the deck...I drove to Wendy's and got a burger and a chilli for tomorrows lunch and 2 Frostys.. I was so wanting...pulled out and headed home looked in the bag..UGH!!!  the Frostys were small.. I mean looked like almost the size of a Dixie cup...thanks...but I did enjoy it..both to be exact...the burger was ok..oh well..hopefully tomorrow when I have lunch the chilli will be ok..

I do have to go and Pick up Rudy's Chicken as I'm almost out..I buy enough to last me 20 days worth..as buying more without vacuum sealing it will freezer burn..so I'd rather buy this way..safer..

So you all know what my night was ..and my day.. I mean mornings are always Wild and Crazy..and hopefully by night they slow down some..but not much ...and even Ms Shug lately has been getting into the action...just wait till Robert comes on Saturday..he'll go home talking to himself..trust me .. I know !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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