Friday, April 24, 2015

Did I Think Friday Was Gonna Be Smoother ?

Did I think Friday was gonna be smoother ?????? HECK that's an understatement !...Got up at 3ish and Miss Annie climbed in bed and could I go back to sleep  Hell NO !!! I tossed a bit and finally must have dozed off and before I knew it was 5:30am..

Headed out to the kitchen with the brats...let them out and then pulled all my setups out for the morning feed..also took a bottle of water as again I was fasting cause we all know why ...HUM hubby up..he wasn't thrilled but can't blame him as I thought I was done..but I hear him do his ..well no other way to put it.. complaining..and me without he looking to meet his Maker ????

Good Lord give me strength..change my trend of thought..cause it's in the danger get him up and out the door and was at the Quest Center by 8am ..Brats were taken care of ..of that part I wasn't worrying about...just me and hubby driving together and me with out's was a close one ..

Got in the Quest center and it was packed..Fridays and Mondays for all your info in a Quest lab is packed to capacity...and not only was it packed but I had to drive through town on Bike Fest..HOLY CHITSKI !!!

Anyway, as I talked with the young gal she did say, "Ill try to get you in "..HUH???  "but sign in and take a seat"...let me count the ways I want to never do this again in this life or after life ...PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ....I sat down and just tried to be patient and thank goodness I only had to wait 15minutes all thought felt like hours..when you have no patience.

After that I got back in the car and drove immediately to Mc breakfast and parked..told hubby, enjoy ..don't speak ..not yet or maybe never ...but tread carefully if you do...Now normally we are pretty good but not today..not the way I was feeling... I mean voices were going off in my head LOL.

For the first time my coffee was so hot it burned my lips..UNREAL..WHY ME ???  it was burning my fingers right through the cardboard..had to put it down..maybe I should have brought my own..but again like I said, "I wasn't in the frame of mind ".....however, there must have been 50 motorcycles parked in the lot and it got loud as we sat and ate our breakfast...So So So nice !

Then we headed over to Office Depot ..had to buy a printer and we got a Brother was nice at least I could read the dang the all black ones I can't read the print..this is also wireless but I think most are now a days.. and then we headed back home..

Let the brats out and I had to sit back and relax.. I was so tense..the rest of the day hubby was really wiped out so he laid on the couch and fell into the inners of what is to be known as a bottomless pit.. I just let him be..and took a nap..

After dinner we decided to hook up the printer...From there we go on the rollercoaster...nothing would work right...I put the CD in and it just lagged and lagged..OMG ! what in the world is happening.. sometimes these CD's are older versions as they print them up and things change..well mine wasn't going no where fast..and as I said to hubby, "I'm gonna uninstall and reinstall.."

He says, "let's call Tech"...Now folks some days it doesn't matter's what's on the other side of the phone...and in our case..we reached an automatic service first which kept cutting in and out and disconnecting... why do I feel myself becoming unedged...but I redial and in the meantime I uninstall the CD that's hanging into space and reboot my computer and reinstall that damn CD and it starts to connect and at that time a rep comes on..

I give hubby the phone as soon as I hear their voice and I know I'm not going to be able to understand her and she's breathing so heaving I hear every breath she takes...LOL  her mouth peace must have been installed inside LOL..

He talks and I follow directions and we go through ins and outs..and try this and why isn't that working...try go to control panels and let's ping this..HELLO.. this is gonna be a wild ride..and sure enough 2 hours later here we all are in the same place..

I finally figure out why.. now this is a joke.. my printer will work wireless with my I phone and Ipad but not my computer and as I try to explain why.. No one is listening... it's because my computer is not on wireless mode I have it hard wired in and only use my I pad and I phone in Wifi...but however, if I disconnect my USB cord into my router my laptop will be wireless..

Long and short of it.. I also used a USB Port to connect the printer to the computer and let it be wireless for all my other devices...I was so glad to get off that phone that I could feel my angina kicking in...good grief ..that's all I didn't need..but I had to lean back and relax..

My tension the last few days has been at a high level ..and yep! I'm now needing to just keep it calm or nitro will be popping soon... it's been a bit much for me.. even though I don't always show it my body tells me..

Message to one self...don't call tech support and keep distance from people for the next few days chit !!

So those traveling Stay Safe.. I sure wish I was..and as always God Bless Us All...

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