Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Done Whizzed Through Wednesday

I done whizzed through Wednesday and boy I do mean WHIZZED...hahaha... I got up and I was in overdrive...I had to make that run to Publix as the Butcher had the chicken and pork all cut up for me for Mister Rudolf...and it's showing nicely on him too..he certainly is beefing up just fine.

As my hubby jokes with me that I must have OCD  I probably do..I have to have my setups to make things easier for me..I have certain plastic for certain things..I know it's wild but it cuts my work load in the morning in almost half..However setting it all up can be somewhat a killer !!

I also had another surprise happen this garden hose cracked right at the stem and I was covered .. soaked more like it... Yes I had to water my plants this morning even though we had a down pour..but the ones under the overhang don't get wet unless it's blowing straight in...and of course it didn't..

My birds were giving me the yodel as well ..there food feeder was I had to get that done...after I then went in and fed the brats and Ms Shug and of course I had to have my coffee as she (Shug) now waits for me..we eat I hear an AAAAHHH>?????

I then got dressed and headed out to Ace Hardware to replace my hose and oh also bought another coffee pot...a Coleman 14 cup old fashion peculator .. I so enjoy my coffee and perked as far as I'm concerned is by far the best's a fact !

Then I ran to Publix and picked up a few things..and I even bought Krispy Kreme this time I thought I was getting like Boston Cream..however they weren't..:(......they were the Kreme filled..oh boy  and I did eat a few..that became my lunch..with a big glass of milk...Sugar overload hear the gongs going off..thank goodness I don't do that often...

Later that night I had the Wendy Chili..which by the was awful  what did they do to their chili..should have taken my last container out of the freezer..when will I learn ....DUH !!!!

Now I also noticed my cane wasn't in my car...OH NO !!  Where is it????? had to think this one out..when was the last time I used it... and then the light bulb comes on... Lowes...when I bought the plants.. so I give them a call..they ask me to describe my ole cane... I started laughing...then I said, "this cane has a history, like back from the Civil War...all battered..."  the guy laughs and says.."yep. we got her".... so tomorrow morning I'll head out to Lowes..

Watched Survivor tonight ..hated to see Joe get the boot.. I liked him..oh well..and then switched to American Idol...still not for me...but I have the shows I'll watch some of it it's bed time and I'm so ready..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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