Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Outing With The Hubby On Sunday

An outing with the hubby on we embarked our tour to Lowe's in search of square legs in a round hole for the couch ...LOL.. well it sure did turn out that way...but waiting on hubby to wake was the testing moment ...LOL

Got up at 5am and did my usual...and also made another setup for Miss Annie as her stock was running low...then proceeded to get all the darlings cleaned and taken care of a pot of coffee on for ME as I knew my day was gonna be a long one...

Once I got everyone fed and hubby came out of his coma ...he got his cola and I could see by the look in his eyes he was coming to !  Hooray, we are getting close to getting out the door...and by that time it was 10:30am..

So it was warm out..hahaha..we're in an AC car we'll be ok...and of course we got a front parking space..thank goodness and again in Lowe's no electric cart..Oh no !  oh well I'll hang on to the cart and go at it slow and who ever thought I'd have to do the whole store from back to front to side to side..ok, I can feel my legs throbbing...and go through our check list to make sure we got what we came for..

Unfortunately not everything but that's no biggy because we do have to go to Walmart on Wednesday for a few things...and the legs for the couch were way to small..OMG! we'd be sitting on the floor..I know I'd not be able to get up..I'd be more like rolling off it hahaha..

After that we headed back and hubby made that motion.."I'm hungry"..LOL so Capt D's we did for lunch then stopped at Publix for the way home..and boy let me tell you was HOT out..felt like we were cooking...carried all the stuff in and hubby got his tool kit...OH LORD HELP ME !!!

He flipped the couch and what he got was like a screw that went up in the hold that kind of opened so that the screw attached to the leg could screw in.. almost like a molly bolt..if you kind of understand what I'm trying to say... Me not being a carpenter it get's a little tricky..but it kind of works..although I heard him say, "it wasn't long enough" hopefully it will hold till we go into town to the furniture store and see if they can give us a better idea or send someone out to change all the legs with square ones..makes perfect sense..who in hell would ever want spindle legs on a couch...????

So that was kind of out day dragged out and we both were tired..Clancy came over and did some yard work as he was talking with hubby  kind of giving his take on it...

We got the bird feeders cleaned out and also bought another hose as the one I got was 100 ft long..hahaha..what do I know..anyway we bought same hose but 50 ft..much much better..and a new spray head too...

Oh and I saw the little Chick A Dees ..first I heard them then they flew down to the feeder and were happy..they are so adorable.. cute as can be...also the Woodpecker came down for a few seeing all those beauties..

Now we are watching the AMC Country Awards..and I can barely keep my eyes I'll say... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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