Friday, April 3, 2015

It's Good Friday !

It's Good Friday...!  My day started off good however ended up not so good...about the only thing good was the fact that it was a "Special Day"..Our Lord died on the cross for our sins..Thank You Jesus!

Now for the other part of my day..UGH!... I worked on my Cowl ..the one I payed so much for some Japanese Designer Yarn that SUCKS!!  and the Cowl..well, let's put it this way... I ran out of YARN..and I had 12 more rows to go and when I tried to back tract the yarn broke and as I tried to pull the stitches out they knotted...Need I say any more ????

Most of the day was good though... I mean it wasn't really all that bad..well again for those two beasts I call "Brats"..they need to be tossed into a Mixing bowl and perhaps sugar coated so that they stick together ..and I'll know where they are at all times...

Robert was off today so he mainly slept..He needs the rest..and trying to get some time away to come down..might be a short visit..but it's been again a long time coming..

This is short and brief as I'm disgusted with that Cowl..real I decided to try that pattern with some other fingering yarn I have that's soft so we shall see...I might not be able to speak English after I get done..bummer !!!

Ok, I'm ready to fall into bed and pray for another new beginning and thank the Lord for the blessings I do have...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

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