Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ok! It's Tuesday

Ok! It's Tuesday and it rained most of the night and into the morning..so I wasn't really anxious to get motivated to do much of anything..only what I had to....and tomorrow I have to make up for it ..plain and simple.

Brats were fired up in the morning cause they couldn't get out to let that wild streak loose so they did it in the house..not that there's anything new with that..but I did get a token from Miss Annie..as I was chatting on line with one of my RV Sistahs I got the feel of Miss Annie sinking her teeth into my foot..as she thought it was Rudy...OUCH! 

Ah but of course Miss Annie got the feel of my broom come across her arse !  Yes indeed and I did swing..I felt the air move as it connected right to her butt !!  she looked and me and took off like a bat out of hell..so be it !!!

Most the day I kind of dragged although I had to make a trip to the Dentist as I will be starting procedure for my upper teeth.. I will be getting what is called like snap on's...LOL  they put posts in and the teeth snap to them.. so no need for any gook or paste or what ever and I'm told I'll be able to chew anything..

I just want to get the show on the road..so they say...and then I guess it will be when I come back down to get the bottom done...but when I go home I have to have cataract surgery..woo hoo.. I'm just full of goodies to repair..

Watched the Voice tonight and I wasn't surprised who got let go...but next week that Sawyer has to come up with better songs or I think he will be heading out the door...

Ok, my day is almost over and tomorrow I do have to jump on the band wagon and get things done...and also go to the store..YUCKO...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All...

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