Monday, April 27, 2015

WoW Is Me, It's Monday :)~

Wow is me, it's Monday :)~..... I got up and I wasn't anxious that's for sure and even Miss Annie and Rudy didn't want to get up and out.. We was all in a dump...Big Daddy done left us to fin for ourselves LOL..

Really, none of us had the energy and the day was gloomy and off and on drizzle and tonight..well, I'm not liking storms over my head...that's for sure !

Most of the day was just getting things together and with as gloomy as it was and me no was lean back and relax...and take the trash out... towels were and still are set up for those wet dawgs ...eeewwww...they don't like it and neither do I.

We watched some movies and took a nap and then did a few things on the NuWave and tomorrow I'll have to do some setups for Ms Shug..and that's about I am hearing MORE RAIN on my Parade ...YUCKO..

I did look up how to arm knit..looks strange but I might give it a try.. I did say, "Might"..but I should be doing some things anyway even if it's not a lot of heavy stuff..but a jump start might be nice..

Watched the Voice tonight and to was mostly too over the top for me.. I'm not into all that dramatic singing..just plain ole good singing works fine..and Sawyer you best get some life into those songs..they sound to deadpan for me..go back to what you came on with.. Liven up the room....YEA HAW!!

Ok, so that's my story for today ..nothing really to we was all in the case of the lazy day and boy did it ever feel good... oh!  I did watch a lot of hummers..they were sure busy...

So with that...those traveling Stay Safe and watch that weather out always God Bless Us All..

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