Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Nice Outing On Wednesday :)

A nice outing on Wednesday :) ...Robert and I met with our friends and RV Sistah Dawn and her brother Paul for lunch at Perkins..we certainly had our jaws going and did a lot of laughing...we were like Peas in a Pod on stories..

Morning for me was busy as I had to gather the flock..LOL  get them all taken care of...hubby slept in till that time most was done and I could then sit back a little..but of course my morning was just a bid going to bed my brain was fried and I forgot to turn on the dishwasher...HELLO MOMMA...

All did work out ok as I still got to feed those darling brats by 7:30am..and got in my coffee and quiet time too..hey, I'm really working on this routine more and more ..getting it down to a science LOL

After lunch Robert and I headed over to pick up those Darford Charcoal mini cookies which by the way were kind of pricey... like paying much much more  here in Florida..figures but really I paid 30 bucks more.. I'm gonna work on finding a supplier for sure !

Then off to Walmart.. I kind of had a queasy tummy so I stayed in the car while Robert went in..we had the list so it wasn't that difficult..still have to pick up a printer as mine ..although works won't work with this Windows 8..

Then home we went and just took it easy..Robert did put the new flooring in for the crates and my darling Miss Annie..well let's say.."don't take her long" and she ate a hole in the out that came and now she has a plastic panel that came in...she's happy then so am much for making her comfy

Watched Survivor and it was goodbye Jenn...well she didn't care as she was ready to go home from by Jenn...but it's getting loose as a goose with these folks..getting interesting..

Now I'm ready for bed have a busy morning tomorrow as I have to go for blood work and then right to the Cardio Doc..will see how I feel with far ok..

With that I'll say..."Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All "

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