Monday, April 20, 2015

Not So Ready For Monday :(

Not so ready for Monday :(....I had a good night sleep but still felt like crappola when I got up.. dragged into the kitchen at 5am and did what I had too..must have been listening to the news the night before and hearing of the storms we were gonna have..and those that know me ...just know how I HATE those things..I is Chicken Chitski ..big where to go where to you have to sit and listen and watch ..and crumble...waaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Most the day was kind of.."what do I need too do"...and being the day looked dreary...I wasn't anxious to do most of anything...but did go to the furniture store about the legs and also did buy a remnant of vinyl and the rest is "the Nothingness"...felt great too..

Had a mean steak for dinner..that baby was juicy and thick and hubby and I split it...and we was full..leaned back and just absorbed the relaxation...even the brats were that was a shocker..

Storm rolled in really quick...came down hard and fast and then out of I like them kind..goodbye for now :)...and then it was feed brats and get ready for the voice..

The best of the whole night was that young girl (17) Koryn Hawthorne..she did a fabulous job.. I even downloaded her song...also I did vote for Sawyer as I feel his talent is a lost art...but sure wish he'd do an upbeat he did for his blind audition..

So my day is over and I'm ready to cast my vote for Mister Sandman too !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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