Monday, April 13, 2015

Well What Do You Know, It's Monday

Well what do you know, it's Monday...HELLO THERE....and my morning starts off with the race is I proceed to clean out my I could do it the night before but I worry with all that I trash...BUGS !!!  Being we've been so warm and then I think ....ODOR ..yeah I know ...and our trash truck doesn't come by my house till almost if I waited close to that time to put it out..they'd show up at 8am.. I'm never really sure what time they are coming in...but I know they are...

So I cleaned out my frig..but hint.. I already new what was going as the night before..YES! I put things in order of what was going..hahaha.. fooled ya ...however, I must say, "I'm quite the scientist...really, I've never seen such strange next is will I ever buy those items..mmmmm don't think so hahaha

Today again we are suppose to have showers...and yep we did later on in the evening..but it didn't spoil me watching the Voice..thank goodness..:)  one of my few shows I really enjoy...

I did my normal chores and of course this being Monday it was laundry..gawd I hate to fold clothes but I do it..complain to myself and moan and groan but it gets done..then on to "what's for dinner"..:)...or is much work do I want to put into it..more like it :)

My plants are looking mighty nice and colors are making me feel so much better instead of looking and burnt briar..I have nice looking plants..and bright cheery colors..and my hummers are mighty happy cause they are buzzing constantly..

Tomorrow I need to head out to Publix but also the Post Office to send things out to hubby ...oh just got a call..he's coming down this coming Saturday the 18th..Hello their I'm smiling..

I'm so looking forward to seeing him..been awhile and don't laugh but I got a few jobs for him to help me with ..LOL.. the poor guy wants to come down and relax...he can and will..but I so need just a couple of things done...

Watched the Voice tonight..poor Sawyer his voice cracked..but he's at the age of his voice changing..however I still think he's good it that Mia Z..she's also 16 and a power house singer..good show tonight ..

So now it's bed time and I'm ready and tomorrow I've go to get my list going..for me and for Robert LOL..he'll love that ....those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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