Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tried My Nerves On Thursday !

Tried my nerves on Thursday !  I'll say !!!!!....First off I had a rotten night's sleep as it seems my Asthma decided to play it's nasty I used my inhaler big time..and it didn't seem to let up till almost 3:30am..finally fell off but I was up at 5:30am..YES!  I was dragging but I had things I needed to get done and I figured I'd go get them over with come back and take a nap...

Got the brats done and Shug taken care of ..watered my plants and fed my wild birds then grabbed my coffee and took a break before I was gonna head out on the road to Lowes...

Finally I got some ump! and started moving I would let the brats out and potty then head on down the road...but first I had to drag that dang trash out as it was TRASH DAY...and I'm telling ya I don't know how one person gathers so much trash but I do...also because I change Shugs cage too..that has a big deposit daily...and then the vacuum..that alone from the Brats..well the DNA I could have many many brats walking around...:)

So I head to the back to gather up the Brats share and open the back screen door and low and behold there is this strange big Buzzard  looking at me on the wall..just lookin...HOLY CHIT!!!  That sucker was BIG and UGLY..and MEAN lookin...I just stood there and slowly backed up and closed the screen door..then started shouting and making a banging noise..I also heard something on the roof..tapping sound..UH OH !!! thing I realize there's like a flock of them..don't start me lying on how many..more than one is enough for me...

Then I starting thinking what is dead as that's when those buggers will show up.. I did notice that last night the brats when they went out kept sniffing the air and like they were star gazing..must have been a critter died...

So as the big bugger flew off the wall I went around the outside with my garden hose and sprayed the that was gonna protect me..but hey, a steady stream could buy me time..I can't run but I can sure spray with the best of them LOL...oh they are ugly..scary...but BIG !!

Finally I hosed down the dog patio with disinfect to make sure nothing was down or around them...the flock did fly away..but they were all over the trees..GAWD what a feeling... ..I let the brats out and Rudy was fired up.. he was ready to do battle but with what I haven't a clue as there was nothing there and of course Miss Annie..she's one tough cookie..she'd fight to the finish..

Once I got everything secured I headed out to Lowes..picked up a few more plants and wanted to get the legs for my couch ..asked where they were..and they were way in the back of the electric carts.. I knew I'd never be able to walk it.. I'd be lame for the rest of the day.. will have to wait for Robert to come down and fix it..

Headed towards home and it was close to lunch so I treated myself to Capt D's..yep it was good !!!!!...then home..and got the brats their lunch cookie..holy Hannah me for get it and I'd never hear the end....then later we all got our nap.. I sure needed it... and didn't get to feed everyone till close to 6pm..

Nothing great on TV except the Big Bang Theory.. which is pretty nutz..but I love that show..just a hoot to watch..sometimes you need funny stuff to give you a good feeling..everything is lately too much Drama for me.. YUCKO!

Now we are ready for bed and I sure hope it's gonna be a good night with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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