Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Hubby Arrives On Saturday

The hubby arrives on Saturday...woo hoo!  and let me say this, "it was a sight to behold as when Robert came in the door.. the brats were in their crates eating their lunch cookie...and then he walked into their their crates and the next thing I saw was Robert on the floor and Rudy and Annie doing a number..LOL.. I mean they had him pinned and I just sat their with Ms Shug watching...

I did warn Robert...I mean ..Rudy and Annie together are like an implosion...hahaha... I did hear Robert say, "they got my lip"..I saw Rudy's paw come up and I heard "Ouch"..oh went that way for almost 20 minutes..and then they all looked like they were out of breath.. I know I was from watching....

Morning for me was busy as I had so much to do.. I mean I still had to vacuum and the dog patio washed down.. I try to do that early as the heat dries everything so quickly...and my new hose.. well, I'm not wild about it.. it seems flimsy ..and the sprayer head needs to be replaced as I got soaked watering..oh yeah I took several showers LOL

Was really glad to see hubby, and he was happy to put his feet on the ground.. we were just a might bit warm..almost 90 it was take a break then Robert and I headed over to Publix..picked up more of his Coke A Cola LOL..and he got a sale too..the lucky guy..3 for price of 1..Hey, that made his day :)

Later in the evening we just took it easy and made a list as to fix the couch..have to go to Lowe's in the morning and pick up wood filler and those square these spindle type won't make it .

It always feels different when hubby arrives..getting use to company..another person to talk with..OMG.. !!.. A good feeling to have him home in the house too..and gives me a break ..well a little as he lets the Brats in and out..and that helps me a legs get tired up and down those stairs..

Good to also sit at the table and have dinner for breakfast..well, I know Robert he'll sleep till 9am..and our breakfast is over with by 7:30am..but I can have a cup of coffee with him as he has his Cola and a corn muffin LOL

So that's it other than..lights will be out shortly..gave my brats their treats and it's time to tuck in and be prepared for tomorrows action ..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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