Friday, April 17, 2015

I Got Things Done On Friday

I got things done on Friday....sure did seem like I was on a never ending journey but I managed to get a lot of my setups done..even did the hummers nectar this evening and before I headed back to bed ... I put that baby out and ready for my little terrors !

Last night was not to too bad.. I got to sleep and Miss Annie wanted in bed her usual time now..and like I said, "She climbs in and has her spot and don't move till I get up again..."  works for me :)  Mister Rudy, he just groans and snores and then it's feet straight up.. sometimes I think ...."maybe I should let him come out too"...but as I think it over I know..he's not ready to do that number and Miss Annie would go you all know by now..She's the Dominant !

Most the day I was busy getting all my setups completed and tomorrow I'll run the vacuum when the brats are up..cause their latest is to go into Attack Mode..and it's a real pain struggling to get my vacuum cleaner back hahaha..

Afternoon we all did catch a quick was needed and Ms Shug was happy as again she was on my lap cuddled up and the brats were in their crates and had enjoyed their lunch all were happy...and it felt great..

Come late afternoon the rain didn't come so I needed to mix up a batch of Miracle Grow for my plants.. as the Christmas Cactus needed feeding and so did the Geraniums....even did the Bougainvillea and Mandevilla  too..tomorrow I'll do the roses..but today those that needed it were fed.. 

Later in the evening I watched part of the Amazing Race and finally Robert called he was working late and by 9ish he was on his way tomorrow he will be here by afternoon...the brats will go wild..I'll be glad to see him as well..been too long..but it is what it is !

Now I'm ready for bed...and I'm wiped out.. got a message .."Must call hubby at 5am to wake him ".. LOL  yeah I'm still doing my job :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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