Saturday, April 4, 2015

And It's Holy Saturday Too !

And it's Holy Saturday too !.... my night sleep wasn't great.. I was just so disappointed in that Yarn and Cowl.. I have to say, "the yarn itself color wise was awesome..but the quality was crappy!!.."...No two ways about it a true rip off..should have known better..that part also ticked me off.. DUH!

Got up and my day went in a spin...I did start that Cowl again but with cheap yarn ..I mean 5 buckeroos for 240 yards..LOL  and it's a fingering yarn with fuzz LOL  although it's more synthetic but really feels nice and soft and looks like it's coming out pretty good...HOPE! A HOPE! A HOPE !   LOL

I only did what I had to do today...cause I just felt like I needed "ME" a nice ride through Central Park in a horse driven carriage would have been my ideal..but unfortunately I'm here in Florida in my living room with two wild Brats and a fruit looped Too ( that's what they call a Cockatoo )..

Watched TV and between my usual ..straighten the couch and cover, feed everyone..wash the patio down, feed the wild birds, water all the plants and do my setups for Ms Shug and the Brats..Yeah, setups are a big job gotta keep on top of them..

So that's basically what my day was about..I did manage to get in a half hour quiet time..and tonight the brats settled down so I got to watch an old movie..and by the way..not an Easter Movie On..????? what gives ???

Now it's bed time.. I washed the humming bird feeder and filled it up with fresh syrup..their nectar..and put it back out so they will have a Happy Easter juice :)

With that it's bed time.. I've got the dish washer going and Brats got their treats and now I'm ready to slide under cover..said goodnight to hubby and will hear from him some time tomorrow when he wakes up..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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