Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Been Awhile And It's Holy Thursday

It's been awhile and it's Holy much has happened and it started on March 13th and YES!  it was a hubby was heading to have a test done as he was having problems with his neck and headaches so our Doctor ordered a CAT SCAN..

So after work Robert went up to St Mary's and gave me a call on his way there to let me know he'd talk with me later after the test was it began..and so it still is going..

After the test was done Robert left to head home and gave me a quick call..and then he said, "I've got another call coming in I'll call you back.."   next thing I know I get a call back and it's Robert telling me he's on his way back to the hospital as the Doctor called and told him they saw something on the Cat scan and would need him to return..

Again that was the begin of our nightmare as he never did get home he wound up staying there and being admitted..and they ran several more scans and MRI's...Long and short of it... Robert was diagnosed with Paraganglioma..

Yes a mouthful.. and Robert wound up staying there in the hospital till Tuesday and a sheer panic I was ..not knowing what, where, how and when things were gonna need to be done and How were we going to do all this.. Me, here in Florida and He, in Pa...Holy Chitski !

We were also told that the Doctors in the hospital could not preform this surgery and that he would have to go to a Specialist ie University of Pa or Jefferson and also several names of Doctors to see... OMG !  Will Robert be ok ? 

Finally after they released him Robert got an appointment at Jefferson with the head Doctor/Professor of Oncology/ Neurology..etc etc etc...Robert liked the Doctor and made sure he took fact Robert's pastor who is a Nurse went with him and took the medical notes and also asked questions as well..

Seems what Robert has is rare and is a slow growing tumor and according to this Doctor majority are benign but there is a small percentage that could be malignant ...but they felt strongly that Robert's was benign..

Also they said, "Robert had this a long time"..and hopefully that this will grow slowly.. as the surgery is intricate and lots of damage can occur.. and that Robert will at some time lose his voice and will have to have a voice box put in ..

Now this hit us hard and I'm sure you'll understand none of us knew even what to say or do... They choose not to do anything at the moment but periodically scan to check growth..

The crazy part was we were so not sure what was the best route to go ..for Robert to come here and have more tests done or stay there and just let things go along and get a few more opinions..

Our lives have been topsy turvy..or how ever you spell it.. but we are just taking it day by day.. for me I just worry and wait for what ever decision Robert wants to make..

Trying to write has been difficult but I felt I needed to get back to my writing.. it relaxes me and I so like just being able to talk about my nothing but crazy whacky days.. and they really are...

Now here it is almost midnight and I've scanned through what happened in just a few brain just wouldn't go into the ins and outs of the happenings..some where really funny and some where nightmares..

Alas I did jot it down.. so here we are on Holy Thursday .. the day of which it was the Last Supper where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.. and tomorrow is our Good Friday.. the day our Lord saved our Souls.. Thank You Jesus !

Peace to All and May the Lord's Blessings carry us through the days of our lives..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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