Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What A Surprising Wednesday :)

What a surprising Wednesday :)...YEPPERS !  I got to sleep through the whole night and so did Miss Annie... I guess that brooming did the trick ????  I will say this, "When they went out this morning and looked at the broom in the corner..they moved rather quickly..hahahaha"

Today was a sort of..gather all my wits together and get a few things done..nothing major..but I did water my plants as I was expecting so much rain yesterday ..and it may have spit a few but nothing more..

I'm gonna need to get busy and start putting some of the new plants I bought other than the ones I've got hanging up ..put in my big pots and I even got little dollies for in case I need to pull them in.. I just hook up a chain and pull...LOVE IT !!!

Didn't do anything out of the ordinary...but plan on making a few more things up for Christmas gifts..I kind of like doing it means so much more and half the crap you buy isn't worth it..

I had to put Annie and Rudy up a bit today as the people next to me had people working on their house so it was chaos and Annie's bark can and will drive you bonkers...felt bad ..but it was the less of two evils..

Watched the Voice tonight and it was more like who's gonna be in the final 12..glad Sawyer made it in... I sure hope he starts doing a little more up tempo off his skills...

That's about it other than I'm now gonna watch I taped it while watching the those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All......

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