Friday, May 1, 2015

Grood Gravy, It's Friday Already

Good Gravy, It's Friday Already... I'm not counting any more the days are flying by.. and in about 10 weeks we'll be heading back up that highway back to Pa...Geeezzzzzz!

Morning as always and always will be a blur.. I mean I am up at 5am and it's Go, Go, Go...get my setups out of the the door let the brats out come back in and put on a pot of coffee open Shug's cage and then unload the dishwasher...get the meat out of the frig and cut it up to put in the grinder for Rudy and get Miss Annie's Rice and Pumpkin warmed up..oh yeah! she's doing great on that with her tummy..fiber ..fiber..she sure needs it !

Ms Shug's setups are with her veggies and nuts and her pellets..and fresh water..not to speak up Rudy and Annie's Gallon Jug of water hahaha... I'm a going and then go outside and do the flowers and the birdbath with fresh water as my darlings outside like their fresh water too plus later on in the afternoon their baths..hahaha.. the birds also got fed the night before so my Cardinals can get their now I fill that feeder up at dinner the little feeder is always full and Woody likes that one better..hahaha..

I'm on the go till I fed everyone at 7:30am and then I have my coffee and toast or muffin with Ms Shug as she won't eat till I sit down with her...oh but before she goes in her cage.. I give her a spray bath...need I not forget that..

Then down I sit in my chair ..hubby calls as I'm trying to catch my break and enjoy my coffee cause soon Ms Shug will come back out and sit on my knee for me to pet her...mmmmm did I forget I take my deep breath..hahaha...

Of course it all depends on what day it is.. if Monday it's usually laundry going in between everything..and dragging trash out..oh and Thursday is trash also ..yeah you got the message.. I'm pushing !!!

Everyday is kind of like that with the Brats in their wrestling match from 5ish till I feed then I do get that break as they eat I make sure they rest as they are too big to jump around after eating.. so I'm kind of good to go ..while loading back the dishwasher till like 9am..HA !

Now taking a breather are you ????? well if it's setup day.. it's holy heck ...better get them in between minutes as I've got lots going on.. those days are me.. but those setups do let me get some time in for me now wanting to make sure I can catch a nap in..well, I do try..

Today was no different ..but I didn't get my nap.. my brats were ON...with it being a little cooler they were ready to beam up Scotty !!!... maybe I was Scotty..who the hell knows but it was a wild scene... I think I lost my voice too ..LOL

Now I'm ready for bed..well, more like I'm gonna fall in..cause tomorrow I need to vacuum.. I hadn't done it for a few days.. and it's time.. I mean it's time with these Rotties..hahaha..

So short and sweet.. I did enjoy watching my hummers and of course always my brats even though they were holy terrors.. Ms Shug was sweet and not being a pain in the not to too bad ...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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