Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Made It In !

Friday made it in ! far as I was concerned I wasn't sure I was gonna make it in..but here I sit again writing my days worth LOL...and as most that follow me know that with me anything can and will happen's a fact !!!!

Woke up at 5am and although I'd like to stay in bed doesn't happen so up I got and made my quick list of things I needed at Publix..(another big outing hahaha) and as soon as I got my usual .....the brats, Ms Shug, the plants, the wild birds....I was out of here and to the store and even managed to stop by the "new" Chinese restaurant.. (I should know better)...but I figured it's the weekend and I'll give it a shot ....

Shot me now cause I don't believe there is a good Chinese Restaurant or Pizza Place in the STATE of that means from now on I'm gonna have to get out my WOK...(yes, I have one of those) and just cook my own..and as for Pizza I found a (oh I'm in shock) a frozen one that's my NuWave :)

I do have a couple places that I go to and grab a burger (Hardee's) and fish fry (Capt D's) and Roast Beef Sandwich with great Onion Rings (Arby's) oh and one place I enjoy their special Salad (Perkins) there you have my whole menu when I go out to have a lunch LOL... it's I'm telling ya..not many places worth eating in...

Now I have to start planning my planting of my Bougainvilleas and my Mandevilla..they are really neat looking and grow line vines..and I'm gonna put a few in big pots and the others in the that's my project for this coming week..

It was a hot one today and I watched a lot of the birds come fly down into the bird bath..and yep...they were all getting their baths..lovin it too... I enjoyed the was like my place was a runway at a bird airport hahaha..

Not much on TV other than the Amazing Race and I kind of lost track of I did some searching on the internet on my plants and how to improve their growth...and flowers.

Now it's time for bed and I hear Miss Annie giving me her yodel...she already got her treat..I'm closing my ears LOL...Rudy is already in that position to start snoring..and Me ..well I'm ready to make that nose dive and call it a day !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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