Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Quiet Sunday

A Quiet Sunday...thank goodness..although there aren't too many for me so when one comes along I'm happy ...those little things tend to make me happy LOL.

Last night I slept pretty good...and even the brats did too..Miss Annie is now in a good routine and I can deal with it...she comes in bed with me around 1am and sleeps till I get up...that's a good thing and of course Rudy..well he's my GEM...he just curls up or attempts to lay on his back and snore..big time..

The mad dash goes on as we head into the living room...then all hell breaks I've said before, "I sit back and watch, no sense in even attempting to break them up ...unless they get nasty and usually that's Miss Annie "..

Today started off so gloomy but I got out and watered my plants as I figured the rain we were/ might get was gonna be just a sprinkle or pass us by..and we just got a sprinkle..

Had to work on one of the bird feeders ..the small hopper was clogged up from when the finches come in ..they eat seed and just level dust LOL..they sit in and chow when the moisture is in the packs and I was watching the Woodpecker attempt to get his out I went and don't ya know he was watching me from the soon as I got it unclogged and I was stepping back he moved in..

I heard tell they the birds you feed (like I've been feeding them for 8 years now) get to know you and don't panic and will come down to the feeder when you're there..and that has happened to me.. I mean I have the hummers that will come up to the window and let me know something is a muck with their feeder..and big red (my cardinal buddy) has come to the hanging plant by my window and sat in their and chirped for me..well maybe not exactly for me..but to let me know something wasn't right at the feeder..

When I do these things I think of my Grandmother..she would have loved it she so loved birds and any kind of critter..she's be in awe of these neat creatures..I almost some time sense her with me as she comes to my mind..when I'm sitting in my chair looking out and watching all the birds I do believe she's right near me, smiling.

So today was a quiet day..well kind of.. I mean I always have some sort of action...but for the most part ..calm and we all just enjoyed it..and Ms Shug well she took a nap with me.. that's right.. I had her out and she was sitting on my leg as I had them up on the hassock ...I dozed off and when I came too ..she was right in the same spot..she probably dozed too..hahaha...birds of a feather !!!

Now it's bed time..and tomorrow is trash day UGH!  and I need to empty my frig it's growing again will clean up Shug's cage as she wasn't to bad today so tomorrow I'll be on a roll..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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