Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Good Golly It's Tuesday

Good golly it's Tuesday....and I'm still dragging my ole bones through the long day and hopefully will get some energy SOON!...guess it's that dang time change..gotta blame it on something .

Our hour of wake up is pretty much steady now 5am..and Miss Annie is plopping her body in with me at 1:30am..so we've got this system down ..and as long as she don't start fussing and carrying on.. I'm ok with it.. I'm so use to those intermissions of my sleeping schedule..and hopefully we'll get some kind of system for a Nap...that would be mighty nice of her ..

Today I just did a few things but I did muster up an ole Coconut Custard Cheap Pie..hahaha.. it's the one you put in the blender and whip and pour and bake..now let me tell ya it's not bad..I mean it's not the best I've eaten but it sure ain't the worst...so I is not gonna complain ..put it in frig and let that sweetheart get cold..and with a big glass of milk..heck..it goes down mighty smooth :)

Now most my day was a kind of just pick up follow those brats and tonight they got their arses wooped..yep!  They were broomed... I took that broom and did a swing and they got the broom...they ran ..and oh they looked like the earth was gonna swallow them...but they were so wild and out of control...the only thing I had near by me was the broom.....and so like the pendulum  it done swung and caught their butts...

As I told hubby about it he laughed..it was more the action and yelling that did them in..the broom just swept them good hahahaha...but hey, I felt that release as well..now that felt might good...OMG!!  did it ever :) hahahaha..

Tonight watched the Voice and it was pretty good..but again I go back to that young boy Sawyer..he really is by far and will even get better as he ages...but his talent is pure..not fancy..folk/blues..and sincere.. the other singers are good don't get me wrong..but all them high notes and straining just don't impress me..it's the natural sound I look for...the feelings that they give off..

So now I'm ready for bed..the brats got their treats..although not deserving..but boy do they listen ..LOL  just like Momma use to say, "you better listen or I'll give you what for"...and that was always that dang SPOON..that sucker snapped and hurt...I mean it left a big impression..even maybe a dent LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...pst..thank you for that broom :)

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