Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hold ON Tuesday Jumped In On Me !!!

Hold on Tuesday jumped in on Me !!!...oh did it ever... Hubby and I had plans to get so much done..HA!  Best made plans of Mice and Men...hahahaha...well it did start off great.. I mean my brats were so good..SHOCKING...and the morning was humming along..when as we were getting ready to head out my cell phone alerted me my Internet was down and my house phone was out...

OH NO!!!.... so I had to call Bright House...and you all know how that can go.. hear the dialogue then click this and say that and What was that...that automative device could be drowned as far as I'm concern..and love it when it says, "you can get help on the internet..."  WAIT... I HAVE NO INTERNET OR PHONE SERVICE"...hahahaha... YES!!!!  I was not happy with this event but sit and wait for a SUPPORT TEAM....so I wait and wait and wait on my cell phone by the way....minutes clicking away Cha Ching...Cha Ching

Finally I get a Support person..tell him my story..(that's how I put it) and then get told...hold on let me transfer you to a SUPPORT TECH ??????? OK, wait again and then ...repeat the same stuff...(sigh)...but it's the only way you can get any help so you have to deal with it..

Next I hear, "We'll send a tech out Wednesday"...OH NO YOU Won't....that's when I have to go into detail that I'm a heart patient and I have to have a phone...no two ways about it.. I can't use my cell phone but in certain areas of my house or out in the carport..now can you picture if I need help I have to drag my body ..if I can out the friggin door ????? I don't think so..

Then he says very nicely, one moment..wait again.. listen to that crappy music and comes back and said, "We'll have a tech there between 1pm and 6pm..ok, better than tomorrow and it was like almost noon time anyway..

Tech got here around 5pm and long and short..no problem with my service.. I didn't have any..?????? yep my service was disconnected...?????? WHAT ?  Someone came out and disconnected my service this morning..appearantly they were disconnecting someone and for some reason my box had the wrong info on it and they pulled the plug... This tech changed the data and reconnected me then left...

So I figured I'd call Bright House and let them know which I'm sure the tech will do also...so I call..yep...the automatic service thingy..get a tech and explain what happened.. and then he says, "Now Why are you calling us " ?????? DUH ..what part of my conversation confused him.. I mean letting them know there was a screw up and who ever was to be disconnected didn't and I was which shouldn't have been..check your work order ...I repeated that number a few times too many..finally I said..."Ok, I'm done"...hahaha..

Yes, my day was a little bit over the hill maybe Pork Chop Hill...but now my service is working... hopefully..and to top that off.. came back in the bedroom and the Tech left his tools..so I need to call tomorrow so he can pick them up.. OMG that Auto Thingy again..

After that hubby and I sent for a Pizza and watched the Voice to see who made it through.. so now it's till next week..and I sure hope Sawyer sings a better song... and I now feel like that Koryn, if she sings like she did last night.. she's a home run..

Ok...Now I want to share a picture of my Rudy..as he was watching the Tech drive up the driveway...He's looking so good...

He's becoming a big boy and what a lover...very proud of this young lad..he's 18 mos old..and soon will go back out showing...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All 

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