Saturday, April 25, 2015

We Is Busy This Saturday

We is busy this Saturday...I mean like the last day Hubby is gonna be here as he's leaving very early in the morning to catch his flight back to Philly :(

Our time seem to have went fast but we did make the most of it without too many disasters .. I mean, as a rule we always have one..but thank you ..we did good !

Today was mostly catch up on what needed to get done.. and hubby did some running and later this evening we transplanted a few plants..crossing my fingers on that ...but I think they'll be ok..

It's gonna take a week to get the brats and Ms Shug back to some what normal as boy do they ever love their "Daddy"...I mean I was like.."Who are you " ?  He walked into the room and that was all it took..and tonight they sensed something cause Ms Shug never shut up from screaming..Hubby had to sit down with her and hold her...

Now we've got most of the things on the list done..only a few things that I can do wash the outside furniture.. I'll do that this week..and then when hubby comes back which will be like 2 months and then we'll be packing up to head back north..

So I'm dawg gone tired so it's catch ya all tomorrow.. Lord willing..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All 

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