Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Whopper On Thursday !!!

Another Whopper on Thursday !!!... I do believe it is written in the cards that I encounter strange today's worth of goodies..

First off I woke up at 3am as Miss Annie did her Woof and up I got and let her climb in my bed...and then I couldn't go back to sleep..LUCKY ME !...So at 5:00 am Rudy, Annie and I marched out to the kitchen..and I proceeded to get things ready for 7:30am when I would get all fed.. so I had planned for hubby to get up and do this one time feeding so I could take off and head into town to get my blood work done and of course it was a Fasting one so that meant no COFFEE and No I'm not a happy camper without my COFFEE .

So all was going well and I also had to mail a check to Mary for getting me my Matts to come down with in she is retiring and also moving down I ordered a box of them and I am good to go...that was on the table and I grabbed it as I went out the door...

Driving out of my development I'm listening to the news and I realize I just past the mail I made a U turn and then dropped that out on the highway and sun beating right in my eyes..boy I just loved that...but I proceeded squinting.

Pull into Quest parking lot when I realize I don't have the script for the blood test..HOLY CHIT!!!  I then realize that my doctor's office is open at 7:30am and it's just a minute across the way I back the car up and head on over..park run in and see the nurse.. HELP!!  She was really  neat about it and gave me another copy and back to Quest I go... get in and only sat maybe a few minutes and my turn as I had an appointment..

Leave there and just another minute also as the Cardio Doc is down the road from I get in park the car and head into the sooner do I sign in and the male nurse comes and gets I go.. sit down and he checks my BPs and they were 128/78..great and then proceeds to tell me my med list is not in the computer ?????? WHAT>>>>> I shake my head .."What's going on, I've been coming here for 6 years and no med list... it should be there I was last seen by Dr and his in put should be showing everything..." I had to go out in my car get my cell phone bring it back in as it has the list of my meds..give him that info and everything is hunky dory

As I sit and I hear the Doctor coming in.. he says, "Hello" and we chit chat a few minutes then he proceeds to look over my chart and ask me "How are my legs doing "... I look at him.."Doc, they are ok...hurt a little but not much"...he then says, "Well, you have a lot of fluid leaking from those veins and your test results don't look good, are you wearing those support stockings ? "....

I'm some one perplexed and say, "I don't wear them much only when needed and my legs aren't leaking, I'm confused here ..what are you talking about ?"...He looks over at me and then says, "Since your test "....I say, "What Test"..he says, "The one you took here"...Again I shrug my shoulders and say, "I haven't taken any test Doc "... he looks at me puzzled and says, "yes!  you took it here in Dec 2014"

Ok, to make this back and forth short.. I never took any test here only back when I first came and all my tests are done in what the hell are you talking about ?????  That's when he turns and has his puzzled look..then says, "Some times we get confused on things ".. I say quickly.."Doc, I'm not confused now or then..."  His face freezes and says, "is your birthday...Denise"...

Hello !!!!  First off my birthday is not that and my name isn't Denise !!!  He turns purple and says,,"Hold on a moment"...walks out the door and I hear something but can't make it out then the nurse comes in and says, "oh I'm so sorry "... HUH??????? We made the mistake...and I so apologize..."

She gets all my stats then in comes the Doctor really upset..and sits down and he also tells me how sorry he is...and that's when I tell him what has happened to me several times and why I now see him and not the top banana..he says, " in my 22 years of practice I've never had this happen..." 

I couldn't resist temptation and said, "Welcome to Flori DUH !!! .Be prepared for a lot of this nonsense..and now you know why I won't let any testing be done's been a worry of mine and if you think I'd let any climb into my chest..well forget about it...if I have a say !!...He said, "I can fully understand your fear, I would feel the same way"..

Now I do like this Doctor..not because he's a New Yorker..but maybe that might help but he now knows how I feel about this situation and for me this has happened several times but in other ways... I felt bad for him as he was really shocked and taken back.. I'm sure he felt like a fool..but it wasn't his fault but I'm glad he saw it first hand and his ego didn't get in the way..

So after that got done I left and headed home.. had my coffee and sat back and relaxed eating my toasted corn muffin and the phone rings.. Hubby says, "Oh you want to talk to my wife, hands me the phone and it's Quest.. I need to come back as the gal taking my blood only took two vials  and they need two more...HELLO THERE ..not this too...and it was a fasting tomorrow I have to head in early and get the other two vials taken PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ let me off the bus !!!

I told my hubby, "That's It, I'm not doing anything more today or something else craze will happen" home I stayed until my run into town again to Quest...and I'm crossing my fingers no more nonsense

So that's it for me and I'm now ready to cash it in.. and pray for a better day ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

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