Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Recused My Cane On Thursday :)

I recused my cane on Thursday :)... I sure was happy seeing the ole gal again.. felt necked with out her...and there she sat at Lowe's waiting on me now she's home again .....woo hoo !!!!

Morning was hectic as I was trying to get things done and being I had to do an early call to wake hubby up for his early meeting .. I was even more I didn't forget him... I mean, I have so many things going on at the wee hour so that I can, when ready to feed the brats ..get it all together and even grab me a cup of coffee...which is like IMPORTANT hahaha

After I got all my chores done and dragged my trash out and old hose I opened the sliding door on the car and pulled out the new hose..OH BROTHER!!!  I bought a 100ft of I thought that's what I had..DUH...this sucker is so long and WOW...unwinding it must be a trick..

I finally got it connected to the faucet and then trying to roll it out.. hey I could have went around my house..almost LOL.. but I got it hooked up and watered my plants under the overhang...and even went and fed the wild I saw them up in the trees over my head lurking...and the one squirrel that comes down stretching and yawning...ready for me to bomb him with a cup of seed ...LOL  yeah he is so anxious and he enjoys it too...

Then got in my car drove to Lowe's...and there my sweetheart sat..amongst a bunch of other fancy canes..but she was mine ...all mine and we've been through some tough times...felt good grabbing her and walking out together...can ya hear the music...perhaps a little tear..hahahaha

Came back and starved I dove into a big sandwich and glass of milk as Ms Shug got her Sugar Snap Peas and Rudy and Annie got their lunch cookie...we all settled back for our nap too..Oh yeah !  I was taking one.. I was wiped out from all the rushing..

Later on I cooked up a batch of Red and White Quinoa..for Ms Shug ..put that up and put up some rice with pumpkin for Annie..Rudy's was already done the day before.. so we were good to tomorrow I have to do up the greens and veggies for Shug..never ending..but really without these setups.. I'd be a mess..

Nothing really great on TV except the Big Bang Theory..which it's humor is my cup of tea...and so I just mainly chatted with hubby on his way home...and then I looked around to see all what I have to do tomorrow...

Got my list as I need to pick up a few cases of Coke for hubby...he can go through some coke now...and I got a few things in he'll like..but uh oh.. I forgot to buy his potato tomorrow after I do a clean up .. I'll make a list and go to Publix ..another run..goodness I won't know how to handle all these...

I do have to go to Walmart..(that time again) for my wild bird feed and my water my list is going for that...but maybe hubby will do that run..OH YEAH !!!

Ok, I'm beat and time for all to head to bed..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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