Sunday, April 26, 2015

Robert Heads To Philly On Sunday

Robert heads to Philly on Sunday...and as we went to bed last night ..I felt the feeling that the house was gonna be empty's a strange feeling to explain I've been going through it for years..but I so do hope that this soon will come to pass...and while I'm still able to enjoy our life together ..

Robert had called the limo service and arranged pick up to the airport for 7:15am on Sunday and got all his laundry done and what he was taking back with him together..all but for a few things..

We watched some TV together and then it was lights out..I got up at 5am and got Robert up around 5:30am ...although he was awake when I got up...I got the brats out and arranged for their feed for 7am so that he would be able to get out without them jumping and barking...

However, there were other plans in the making..seems someone was knocking on my door at 6:15am...What ????? the dogs went ballistic ...I had to put them up so I could open the door.. and Robert was in taking his shower...I finally got to the door and it was the limo driver ready to pick Robert up...

Holy Chit !!!!...I yelled to Robert and it was a blur from there on out till Robert walked out the door...So loud in the house I couldn't hear what Robert was saying...and then after Robert left he called me and said, "The guy said they sent a E mail changing the times.. well, on hubby's phone he doesn't have them as a contact so it went into why didn't they call ????

Anyway from there on day was strange..the dogs kept running back to the bedrooms looking for Robert and Ms Shug kept screaming..Gawd, I wanna move some where LOL... finally by evening everyone settled down.. as I wasn't about to do anything..

The house is strange right now and it takes a few days for all to go back to what we are use too.. the phone calls, the wake ups, the ride to work, the ride back from work, discussing the shows we are watching and then the Good's difficult...but we always say, "Soon as he can retire, he will"  but this time when we go back we are gonna start getting the house ready to sell..lots to be done but it's kind of a MUST .

I don't know with what I have all wrong with me how long I'm gonna be on the good side..and turning 72 with all, he needs to think about maybe retiring when he can get a good deal.. I want to be able to spend some good days while I've got them..

I know it probably reads strange but for me with my problems every day is a plus and when things go wrong with's like ten I'm praying the Good Lord gives us a few years we can enjoy..

Now I'm dragging, as I did Rudy's nails tonight and he for some reason acted like a JackAss..He's a big boy and to struggle with him is enough to put me out of commission for the rest of the night.. looks like I'm gonna have to do him every week to stop this nonsense.. I  just won't allow it.. I'm not hurting him and he should be able to trust me.. so Too Bad Mister Rudy !!

With that, it's lights out and on to tomorrow's trash day   ugh !!... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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