Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Sure Did Roll In

Monday sure did roll I wasn't expecting it ??????  but I sure wasn't anxious for it... it was another tough holiday where Hubby was in Pa and I was here in Florida..These are the hard and trying moments..but we do survive it as we sure do talk more on the phone..

Got up and wasn't overly anxious for anything..although I knew I had to make a run to Winn Dixie..seems lately I'm not evening wanting to go to the grocery appetite is kind of dwindling down..nothing really grabs my interest.

Thinking how I use to love to cook..not fancy but just down home good it's like what can I make that makes a lot and I don't have to cook but just heat up leftovers...I mean by the time I get done feeding my brats and Ms Shug I've lost my desire to fix anything..

So after I got the brats and Shug done I then got out of town..LOL  well to Winn Dixie and today I treated myself to a Hardee's burger..OK !!  made my day and tonight I just had an stomach went on the blink..even put the brats up so I could watch the Voice and lay on the couch..not feeling to great..

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be on the mend...just a plain ole queasy tummy..wonder why..couldn't be that Hershey bar I ate..NO !!!  I don't eat them and I saw it and decided that would be a great treat...won't do that again too soon..

So tonight as I lay on the couch and listen to those young ones singing.. I'm telling you all ..they have some really awesome talent..and of course so fat my favorite is Sawyer... I just think that lad is gonna be a "Big Star"..he's plain ole down home folk blues frills..sure hope he don't change

Ok, now I'm ready for bed gave all their treats and ready to lay my head down and pray this feeling leaves...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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