Thursday, March 12, 2015

Starting To Look Up On Thursday

Starting to look up on Thursday...I was so relieved that Annie is starting to show some improvement... I've been feeding her just cooked shredded chicken and rice for breakfast, lunch and order to sooth her intestinal track as I feel that's basically the cause of what's been happening.. being that she will and has ate anything she can get her teeth into..

I'll continue to feed her this till Monday and then slowly work in her regular food little by little.. tonight I didn't give her the diarrhea meds as she no longer has it..that part I'm relieved..and we'll take it one day at a time.. her energy level never changed .

I did make my run to Publix as I needed to get in some chicken to cook up for both Annie and Shug..also picked up a few things for Shug..her veggie mix and more nuts..and just a couple of things for me..

Didn't feel like cooking tonight so I made a toasted version of Stromboli..and boy was it ever good..but mainly keeping track of Annie..I worry ..I just don't want any hidden surprises..

Worked a little on my second Cowl..not much as I needed to give my hands a break..but tomorrow I'll be busy ..several things to do and cook up..and then attempt to square things away and get prepared for when hubby is coming in..

Recorded American Idol..and that was about it.. a boring night..nah, nothing is ever boring here.. I'd like some peace and quiet though but I'll get that as I'm heading to bed...and on to tomorrow hoping and praying Annie has another good day...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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