Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday ( 1st of September) !

Thankful Thursday (1st of September)  and it truly is !  I mean to tell you with what I've seen and heard from Hurricane Irene we are truly blessed.. Several of our friends and family members have lost their belongings and some have lost their homes but as I tell them..and I do realize it's not something they want to hear at the moment..but they came away with their lives.. What's more important.. material things which can be replaced ? or your lives ? and I know of no one that has come back and told me how great it is..well not just yet anyway..

My yesterday was a good one.. made that Big Mac casserole and I have to say, "it was like a big mac". We had dinner early as hubby left work early cause he had a Doc appointment and when he got their..ooops it wasn't's for Thursday.. what can I say..
We did watch Big Brother and also America's Got Talent..yeah we were multi tasking..some days you have to do those things.. My two favorite acts did manage to get through to the finals but one of the acts I like.. the young lad Snap.. he didn't make it.. and you know I got kind of choked up about it.. He really deserves a break in life.. what a decent talented lad..
Big Brother again had it's twist..and for the first time I have to say, "I was glad Rachel won..was hoping that  Jordan could have held on..but it seems now the plot with Porsche might back fire and of course Shelley sucking up again..ahhhhh what a play of plays.. but me thinks Shelley may be packing if the girls have their smarts about them...cause even thou Adam is a floater he didn't really betray Jordan....Yes, it is getting better this game of deceiving ..don't ya just love this reality stuff ...:)

Morning here and my coffee pot (the trusty gal she is) was doing her job and me and the Critters did the hubby in his mad dash..One of these days he might slow down..oh and yes, he always forgets something.. Now I don't mean to paint you a picture of a bumbling idiot...However it is a comedy of errors some days and amusing other times.. He does make me smile once he closes that door.. and I have told you.. we don't talk in the mornings.. One reason is because he and I are not really morning people.. till we have our caffeine fix ...His being Cola.. mine being Hot Coffee...

Today I am gonna take the plunge and head over to Wally World..and pick up a few things.. need to get the replacement for my Britta filter.. now the filter cartridge is new but the thingy that it goes into is old and not working properly..soooo gots to bite the big one and replace it... can't really complain I've had it  like 4 years . Then I'll pick up a few things that I am out of..more like stock up..

Soon my race will begin again with Doctors.. for me and Zeke and then the Critters will be getting their yearly check up too.. and then hopefully and praying that we'll be granted some peace of mind.. that we'll be able to leave for Florida as planned however, with Zeke that will be a deciding factor.. I've also said, "if we need to stay home till things are, what ever they are gonna be, so be it " like we Sistah's always say... "Our plans will be in Jello"..come what may..

Now back to that coffee pot and...who knows what ????

God Bless....


  1. Hey lady, don't know if you've been following the gtg thread on the forum, but I'm planning on making a day trip to liw on Monday so I can meet some of the sisters. I'd love to see you there, if you think you might be able. You probably have dr visits on those days or something though, but let me know.

  2. I was also cheering Rachel on and so glad her and Jordan are off the block and hoping that Shelley goes bye-bye for good.

    I am going to get the stuff for the Big Mac crockpot sounds so good.

    Have a great day my friend!!!