Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amazing Sunday

Amazing it is already..whether you count it as the beginning of the week or the ending it's still amazing.. A day of Rest !  I'll lift my coffee cup to that...and then the mad rush comes around the corner..but let's pray to get through this day..

I like waking up to cooler weather... it's wonderful and I make sure my Joe and Reba have their PJ's on..cause it's getting nippy for them..(the hairless brigade) and being they are gonna be that's truly amazing..and I'm so thankful for every moment of it too.

Last night was very enjoyable we watched PBS station which had a special on with Jackie Evancho and David Foster ..that young girl is so talented..her voice is without a doubt one of the clearest and perfect pitch and tone for such a young child.. It's truly like listening to the sound of an Angel..(not like I've heard one before) but it's so soothing..and I'm not one that likes Sopranos..I mean I enjoy Opera, grew up listening to it..but I always liked the Tenors (male) me when the female opera singers sang it would like feel like someone taking their nails on a black board..omg.. but this girl ..absolutely enjoyable..and she's only gonna get better. So I ordered the DVD I couldn't resist it.. and it will be kept with my other ones.. The 3 Tenors..which by the way  I think is a classic..and the wedding of Figaro..(yes, it's harmony with female opera singers).

Both hubby and I leaned back and had really a peaceful night ..not much really of anything ...Have enough stew for several meals which I'll freeze up and vacuum seal for we talked about when I would be getting ready to leave for Florida.. still have to wait for results with Zeke that's important and Joe is holding his own as well.. 

Called the RV dealer and I guess they'll call me on Monday as I had to leave a message..and we all know how that if I don't hear anything by mid morning I'll be ..One ringie dingie.. yeah we know how that goes..

Here it is morning and all is pot of coffee is on the stove and I'm just waiting for that "perfume"..yeah the aroma of freshly perked coffee..nothing finer ...then hubby will be doing his thing today.. Sunday School and all that goes with he always tells me when he's on the way out.."I'll pray for your soul".. see I have that man in my pocket he takes care of my soul... :)... Bless his pea pickin' heart...

Today is gonna be simple.. Chicken in a skillet in the oven with potatoes, onions, and carrots. All in one meal  and a big salad.. it does it's thing as I give my crock pot a rest.. sometimes I gotta have the oven roasted chicken .. I like that crisp crunch and with Italian seasonings it will be tasty...and it's easy pan fuss  I cut my chicken so it lays flat in the skillet and boy what a difference that makes . All you do is remove the back bone and then flatted the chicken.. I give it a good pop..(almost like Rice Crispy..Snap,Crackle and Pop)..ok...I'm hungry and it's wee hours of the where's my coffee :)

Have a good one and God Bless..

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