Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Will it be a Winning Wednesday >?

Will it be a winning Wednesday ?  You bet !!!!.. it's the finals for Big Brother and the Finals for America's Got Talent and the beginning of Survivor..HOLY know those VCR's are gonna be recording what we can't see..other wise it's back and forth from room to room cause now all the TV's are Flat Screen so you know I ain't movin' any neither is hubby... so it's record, record and record....

Yesterday was a little solemn for me.. after I tuned into Dr Phil watching that program with the Anthony's..I just had to watch although I kept saying.."Nope, I ain't going there" but there I went and I was glued to it... I felt a lump in my throat as Dr Phil did his question and answer and I tried to look into the eyes of the parents...but you know, it has to be one of the most difficult things to relive..and speaking of reliving.. Our family is gonna have to go through the Horror of Angie's murder.. 

For me watching the show was kind of a reminder.. I mean I lived this saga since I had bought my other house in Florida and I would be working around and listening to TV and following each news report on the Missing Caylee.. it was what we went through with Angie.. as she went missing and the search was on for her...

Now today I'll watch again the continuation of the Anthony's story...and pray that they will find inner peace ..cause with their case their is no ending.. With our trial coming hopefully to an end there will be closure..In both these cases they/we will never forget...but the memory lingers on... and that part Sucks big time.

Well it's morning here and my coffee pot is on and I think I'm gonna have to purchase another one.. the stem to the basket is just about hanging on..I got to bite the big one and buy another...maybe I'll use the old coffee pot for a planter.

Tonight's dinner will be Nachos bel grande..make it simple and besides we haven't had that in ages and I have lots of lettuce I need to use up and tomatoes..coming out the GaZooo..(yes a strange word) Made up some Italian water ice so that will be our dessert and it's on to the next adventure...and who is gonna be the winner on both shows...:)  

That perfume is's a blend of three (3) different coffees I got on sale.. yeah I'm one of those..mix and blend my it's on to the chores of the day... VACUUM...( only a strong wind would be nice..:) 

God Bless and Good Thoughts to all !

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  1. Hi Zee

    I am a Survivor fan too! And of course I need to watch BB to see who wins~my druthers is for Porche not to win so we will see.

    I am sorry to hear about your Angie. I don't know her story/your story - have you blogged about her? I want to be praying for you and your family - let me know when things get closer to the date.{{{HUGS}}} to you my friend.