Friday, September 16, 2011

Tip Toed into Friday

Tip toed into Friday and that's a fact..  Yesterday was not a good day.. Had to leave the house early to get a blood test and when I got there I had to hear the "news" that because of my insurance I had to give them my Credit Card as they wouldn't take a check.. Yes, it was another joyful day.. I mean can you just imagine this.. all these years I've been getting my blood work, if I had to give any money because of Co pay they always took a check.. Not Quest.. no sirree bob !

As the lady explained, they want to make sure they get their payment.. Like the insurance company bargains on rates..well Quest ain't a gonna go for that.. Sure, like I really have something to do with their bargain rates..lady give me a break !

Ok, so now why won't you take a check ????( because you're gonna love this one)... "We won't know how much Aetna is gonna pay and what ever the difference is.. which won't be any more than 60 bucks "...oh and.. "You won't be charged till we know".. HUH ?  oh and they took my email address cause they will email me to tell me how much they'll put on my for not taking a check.. they just don't take checks any more !.. How's that grab ya ?

Now at the condition I was in this morning, in a rush and no coffee... I had to deal with this  there was no other place I knew of that I could go to at that very I had to suck it up and go for the routine...

Came back to the house and my Zeke was not well.. he was upset with me leaving but I thought ok, you'll eat now that I'm back.. No Way.. he was really very down and just lay flat on the floor.. I had to give him meds and I put them in those pill pockets a chewy substance with beef flavor.. which he likes..not today... So I had to pop them down his throat.. and later on he got sick.. just what is going on..????

I'm a wreck.. I hate that he's not feeling well and I don't know if this is because of something going on in his system or "What next".. So I gave him tonight the chicken soup I make for Reba and Joe.. he ate a little but he did eat I just hope this will pass .

So that was my day and evening and now here we are morning.. and I just hope and pray Zeke will be ok.. If he acts the same way I'm gonna have to call and take him up to get checked... Hubby had to leave this morning to go to Boston..just what I needed again...but didn't I tell you my life is never's a happening in the a roller coaster..lots of ups and downs...

Have to make a little light of things cause your brain will crash and I don't have a big enough hard drive to handle too much more...We'll see how the day the meantime I need coffee... where is that pot.. gotta get it going and see how my Zeke is gonna be ... 

Good thing I have "stuff " in the freezer and I'll make it very simple..Remember that "Onion Soup"..gots lots of cheese and make some croutons and that's dinner for me.. Hubby will not get home till late tonight.. and on with the rest of the day..

Keep us in your prayers please...God Bless

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