Monday, September 19, 2011

Here we go again...Monday

Here we go beginning of a busy week..Today I'll get the laundry done and then attempt to hear from the RV dealer on the "Mabeline"..I need time to get her cleaned up and ready for the trip to my enjoyment of peace and wonderful critters around me.. Yeah, it's my haven and the Critters love it too !

Last night was just one of those..Shocker Joe had a bad seems he gets himself so excited and tries to move around too much and loses his balance.. I was preparing their dinner and he and Zeke always get very vocal and Joe just twisted around and fell over my walker (the chair I use to get around in the kitchen when I can't stand to long) down he went and yelled so loud and got so stiff..Zeke come charging in the room and so did Abby.. I tried to get him off the floor..He was as stiff as a board ..his eyes glazed and his heart pounding rapidly.. I was talking to him and trying to get him to come out of his trance had me so upset ..I thought I was losing him right in my arms.. I could hear myself pleading with him ..telling him "He's alright.."  the problem is he hits the floor so hard with his's like dead weight when he goes over and I think he also scares himself..

After what seemed like forever, I saw his eyes start to focus.. Thank God !  I knew then he'd be alright..but I still held him and he started to calm down.. He yelled so loudly that I felt my heart thump in my chest.. I'm telling ya, I know I stressed out and I felt my stomach twist and turn.. Then I also had to calm down Zeke as he went off.. He barked and barked and started to charge at me.. like I guess he thought I was hurting Joe.. Yeah, it's like wild..when animals sense something wrong they get on the defense.. 

Then I thought, "Oh my Lord, Zeke don't need to be going off, What if he drops on me with his heart.. "  ??????  Yeah, all this crap all at the same time.. and when my Cardio Doc asks about my Stress Test... Like I said before, "I have daily stress and if I can survive this, I can survive anything"...

After all calmed down I put Joe down and started to dish out their food..and what do you think...???? Joe was like starving and so was nothing had for me...  I couldn't, even if I tried to eat a thing... I was sick ...but you know what.. I calmed down a little later on and I held Joe in my  arms in my recliner and he and I took a nap...I woke and Zeke was on the couch head on the pillow and I guess all is well that ends well..

Here it is again Monday morning going and soon the house will come alive and the mad race starts again.. Holy Chit !!!  that's what I have to say !!!

Dinner tonight will be something out of the freezer..Make it simple cause I is simple LOL... I have some Manicotti so that's what's for tonight with a big salad of mixed greens and red onion.. yeah I like that .. now let me get my coffee and see what will be my next adventure.... Tomorrow the Cardio Doc visit...Wooo hoooo ! 

God Bless All


  1. Glad Joe was all right after his episode. We do worry about our "kids," and you've had more than your share of worry lately. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and sending up a prayer for you.

  2. Good luck tomorrow with your cardio doc. Hey, how did the onion soup turn out after it was frozen???