Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tooting for Tuesday

Tooting for Tuesday... and so it seems I almost have to toot me own horn..cause nobody here can blow it !.. HA ! Last night I got into one of those mellow down moods..realizing that a lot of my issues will be coming to some sort of conclusion.. some good, some sad and some I don't even want to adhere too..but I must !

I'm also gearing for the leave for our Florida home...excited on one part of me and sad on the other.. Leaving the hubby for all that time..but we do talk on the phone several times a day.. in the morning when he first wakes up ..and noon time when he's out to lunch ..then he gives me that usual call to let me know he's on the way home..and I always tell him.."I'll have dinner ready" cause you know we both laugh at that one.. then some times we are on the phone during some shows..Yeah we even had dinner on holidays together if he can't make it down.. Does this sound like we are back in college days dating ????.. Then that last good night before we both go to bed.. that always helps too..

What ever but it does help us get through the long awaiting time for hubby to fly down for a vacation..and that seems to zoom by quick..YIKES.. those are the hard times for sure for us..but soon a few more years and he'll retire and then we'll have some quality time together..Lord Willin'.

Last night hubby and I went through all the in's and out's of all this and we sort of come to being at peace..and then we talked about our Critters, our Fur babes..and that did bring me in that mellow down mood...Can't believe how the years have passed...and like one poem I read was.." We're only here for a short part of life to bring you joy and happiness....".. yeah they are part of God's army of angels..giving us smiles and lots of good times and some even protecting too.

I better change this mood or everyone that decides to read my blog will be using up a lot of Kleenex..and I'll get branded for being part of the "Moody Blues"..wait they were a great group..HA...see I turned them sobs around..

This morning it's rain, rain and more rain..another bout and this is part of Lee..man oh man.. I sure hope no hip boots again..gawd it took us forever to get power going right in fact .. the rest of the power came back on Friday..and I'm doing ok with the internet..and I should whisper that just in case.

Coffee is perking and I'm gonna plan out the rest of my week for "What's for Dinner"...have a few recipes to try and  I'll post here ..Have to call Vet for Zeke's meds as I'm running out and I won't see Doc till Sunday.. when he gets his EKG...

Joe has been going down hill but still tugging along..no pain just creaking as he walks.. he is still eating well and let's me know when he wants up on the couch.. I get a little nervous some times as he sleeps so deeply..and when I touch him he's like startled..but boy if I leave the room he's up and wanting to be there with me.. he's still my main squeeze..and I just pray he goes in his sleep.. 

Ok, I need to get off that topic cause I don't have Kleenex in the room so now it's get the Critters breakfast and have my coffee time and see what I can get in to... and I can always find something...:)

Have a fantastic day and don't forget..America's Got Talent is on tonight and lots of new shows will be starting...get the line up going..LOL.

On the menu for tonight...Bacon Ranch Chicken Ala Crock Pot..Recipe will be included..I didn't forget ya !

God Bless

psssst.. Bacon Ranch Chicken Ala Crock Pot.

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts ( I used frozen breasts)
2 tbsp real bacon bits  ( I used 3 strip of bacon cooked in microwave)
1tsp minced garlic
1pkg ranch dressing mix
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup sour cream
egg noodles or rice

combine bacon, garlic, ranch dressing mix, soup, and sour cream; mix well.
Pour over chicken in the crock pot. Cook on high 3-4 hours. I then shred the
chicken and put back in the pot .   Serve it over Egg noodles or Rice..

psst.. you can even use mashed potatoes if that's what you'd like..what ever you want ..remember it's your dish once you make it ! 

Update.. I added green beans and potatoes.. last hour and they were delish !

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