Friday, September 2, 2011

Forging ahead on Friday

Forging ahead on Friday....All's well that ends well and last night ended pretty good...Got a lot of my deliveries in via UPS and FedX..things I purchase for the critters on line..(yes, Beth ) some through, Pet Solutions, Jemar Pet Supply (my girlfriend Mary's in Rising Sun Md) and some heart worm via Australia.  I felt like a loading dock that's for sure but so glad everything is in.. These are things I do before I start packing up to leave for my winter home (vacation).

Watched Big Brother..(how could I not) and as it gets to the ending it's always the best of the best....and as we sit chopping at the bit to see what's gonna happen...No, I have not gone for the live feed..although I'm tempted but I'd rather watch it this way..brings more of a thrill  Hahaha..(addicted soul here). 
Bye bye Shelly...and me thinks Rachel might have pulled off the H O H they left us hanging by our fingers here...

Just when you think to yourself..well this show will be ending..comes the next batch.. Yep, you heard it and read it here..Survivor, Biggest Loser, Big Race and Dancin' with the Stars and (gasping here) The X factor and then and then..The Voice..Holy Hannah Banana.. are we gonna be in for a line up.. oh wait.. and in between that.. like nothing else "FOOT BALL"...I can feel that rush to the brain... now the football I am not good to be around.. I mean I actually get out of my chair and shout..hahahaha... a die hard I am when it comes to that sport...OMG... I'm gonna be put away soon .. :)

Here we are sitting again waiting for my coffee pot..some have asked .."Why do you perk it ?  Why not just use the drip ?  Hush !!!!  That is sacrilege... I mean I am a "coffee drinker"  and I like it brewed to perfection and taste good not bitter...and I like my coffee HOT...there is something about perked coffee that just hits the spot... ask anyone who's been at my house and have my coffee...they'll tell ya..(maybe )  hahaha... any way the weekend is here ..and it's another round of "What's on the menu"...

I'm gonna make a pot of sauce and Meatballs and Sausage up.. so I can throw things together at will..:)  Always good for  Meatball Sandwich and Sausage and Peppers..ah they always hit the spot.. and I love it cause it's  one of those 1, 2, 3, and it's kind of dealings..and hubby may luck out I might make some Italian Hot dogs... for those that don't know about that.. is missing out.. it's Peppers, Onions, Fried Potatoes and Hot dogs cooked together and put in Pizza bread.. it's like Pocket bread but made of pizza dough.. excellent...and I mean finger licken' good !

Have Netflix movies in we hadn't watched so that's what we are gonna do and then before we know it.. It will be over again...Ok, stop this Merri go round and let me off...or maybe I'll catch the Golden Ring ???? 

God Bless You All...Weekend is on !!!!

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