Monday, September 12, 2011

On the go Monday

On the go Monday.. having to run up to St Mary's to have some of my tests done and trying to sneak out of the house is not easy... Got all the dishes ready for hubby to feed the Critters and yes, I have my coffee mug on the go ready too.. 

Amazing how these fur babies are do in tune to what's happening..and not going with me..OMG that's a big NO NO..but I can't take them..not this time. I'll make sure when I come back they'll get a little treat..gotta bribe em' or they get even LOL..

Zeke's visit with Saul yesterday went well..(not me) his EKG showed that his meds are stabilizing his heart.. phew that was good to he's picked up almost all his weight he'd lost..Saul said, "Zeke looks strong" !  OK, now that made me feel better..however we still have that hump to climb over.. 

That Echo will be done on the 26th at the Hospital..and at that point the Cardio doc will let us know if the "Mass" is still there  (behind the heart) .. that's the last go round.  

I look at Zeke and he really is looking better..he's alert..although right now he's on the couch sleeping..just waiting on his breakfast..doesn't want to lay on the hard (tiled) floor..not my boy Zeke...He's a shear comfort sorta DAWG !

So as I'm trying to get things ready and disappear with out commotion..which never happens..but I'll do my best. Then my list of my tests will almost be through cepting back to my Cardio Doc..wonder if he'd also read Zeke's test too...hey, he's pretty cool Doc and always ask me about my critters.. Ya just never know.. LOL

Ok.. I've got to hit the open road .. I'll be back..!

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