Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've made it through Sunday

I've made it through Sunday without any major issues..and for me that's just wonderful, amazing, astonishing and Lord am I ever thankful. This morning my hubby will come down the stairs in a grand entrance as we all (Critters 4 and me) sit on the couch and watch his performance..Yes, it is a performance. I ask myself many times, "how in the world has he made it through all these years without breaking any bones" ?  I say that with a smile too..  He is truly Dagwood Bumpstead..No kidding !

Last night was calming after the many storms (shhhh it's not over yet). Hubby did his errands and mine too.. for that alone I will miss this man of mine.. but he really enjoys all that mad rush.. You know I've come to understand it. Some people love that action.. I'm not one of them...Strange ??? Maybe, but I never proclaimed to be "Norm".

So I let the hubby enjoy the errands..(thank you Lord) and when he came back he had a few surprises..(smiling here) even got me..(oh you'll all love this one) a 12 lb bag of "Rice".. and with a smile on his face said, "Hey Zeee, look what I found you "... amazing isn't he.. hahahaha.. all for ME !!!!!.. Yes, I smiled and even chuckled a bit... 12 lbs of RICE !!!

Also he picked up pretzel dogs for our lunch.. such a nice treat !  They were pretty tasty which meant I didn't have to make lunch..and we sat back and gnawed on those goodies.. Hubby was pleased he got all what was on the "List".. now there is a thing about the "List"... hahahahaha.. Hubby usually can't find items and I hear the phone ring.. Yes, it's hubby checking in to tell me "What in the world is that" or .."I can't find it".. in sort of a higher pitch than normal..Guess he feels when he's in the store I can't hear ??????  Yes, I love that man of mine !

Towards evening I got some energy..(crappy weather gets me down) and I made Chicken Parm with pasta and quick throw together of greens and Caesar dressing.. Then popped in the oven.. those Monkey Bread Muffins...for our Movie experience...(I had posted them some time ago here)

Now here we are morning and I'm just going through my email and having my quiet time to get things together... This is like my time ..Critters are still in the sleep mode although I've let Zeke and Abby out..Reba and Joe are the late sleepers and will get up around 6am...My coffee pot is going and it's always good to the last drop .

Hubby will be going to teach his Sunday school and then Church as I put a Pot Roast on for our Dinner...Yes, in my Crock Pot I'll let that baby do the work..QVC will be on for the "In the Kitchen with David" I can get my "rush" on gadgets...and have a few things I need to get ready for Zeke's appointment tomorrow morning at 9am with the Cardio Doc...

Yes, I am praying that all will be ok,  I know Zeke will still have the A Fib but I'm praying that there is no more issues..and praying that God will give me the strength for what ever comes our way ..

Now I need to get it together please keep us in your prayers..

God Bless

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  1. Praying for a good outcome for Zeke tomorrow.